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Re: 30 day intense cleanse and detox by MENDOMAID ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   10/2/2010 11:43:26 AM ( 7years ago)
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If you follow the directions, make sure you do not become dehydrated and unbalance your electrolytes, know that you can stop whenever you feel very ill and have somebody with you to help you out then it will probably be of some help in fighting the cancer.

Hulda Clark wrote she cured most of the people who had cancers, including people who had advanced cancers and were almost terminal. Clark found the fluke, Fasciolopsis buski, in all of her cancer patients and the first step of her program was a parasite killing program. In most of her patients this stopped the cancer from growing or getting worse. Two other parasites were involved in the cancer development. To get well again, which takes longer, Clark advised doing Kidney Cleanses which clears out the kidneys and dissolves calcium deposits in glaastones and other places in the body. This is followed by Liver Flushes and detoxifications and avoidance of different foods which would encourage the growth of F. buskii, other parasites and harmful bacteria and yeasts. See 'The Cure for Advanced Cancers' and her last book 'The Prevention and Cure of Cancer'. Although it is very helpful to have assistance since you are still well enough to use a computer you can do the procedures yourself. In her last book she wrote about some of the other alternative cancer cures and explained why they worked for some people and not others.

The Dr. Clark Information website ( Category: Therapists and Research Info says they will provide the names of Dr. Clark therapists available for consultation. (This is just an overview of Clark's program0

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