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Re: Flechas discussion of my heavy metals screen by cougar ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   9/29/2010 8:01:46 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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thanks for the correction on word use with "chelation."

Easy to get sloppy with that one.
And I guess I wasn't clear if it had a specific chemistry definition. It is used so often as something that helps remove heavy metals.

So is cilantro considered a chelator. I know it has a single sulfur bond so it doesn't hang onto metals as well as dmsa and ala which both have double sulfur bonds. Are there words to distinguish?

I know Newport speaks to Iodine being more of a heavy metal mobilizer. But if the net effect is that most people can take Iodine and it can help move metals out not just around, regardless of mechanism, wouldn't that be something different?
And is it safe to do so for everyone?

Some people get F'ed pretty bad when they don't do proper chelation protocols. Is any one out there getting F'ed out there from not doing Iodine properly in regards to heavy metal detox?

I got really dehydrated two weeks ago and I couldn't hold my water in. I was wondering if it might have been caused by the iodine stirring up some mercury and getting it into my adrenals and messing with my aldosterone which helps the whole Na/K balance thing. But I don't know that for sure. I did a couple of rounds of chelation with dmsa and things seem a bit better now....??????

anyway, I am pondering out loud.....

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