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Re: Cramps in psoas by cougar ..... Rife Forum: Bio Resonance

Date:   9/21/2010 2:44:32 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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well, I usually don't see a lot of cramping, but I see a lot of chronically contracted psoas'
it is often from mechanical strains in the organs but it can be chemical/physiologic too

I put my back out twice now but taking too much SSKI
for me it is a kidney thing or adrenal, I can feel that area tighten up

but all that said I see psoas' contracted from just about anything in the body.....the way it seems is the body is trying to use the psoas to balance, stabilize or protect something else.....the psoas isn't the problem, the body is using the psoas

so if you have a urinary tract infection, perhaps just on the right side, that ureter may lose it ability to stretch because of the tissue changes from the inflammation. so when you go to do a left side bend, the right ureter can't stretch, so the body engages the right psoas to protect the ureter, because the ureter can't hold the weight of your body. and then maybe you start having low back pain because your psoas on only one side is contracted and that makes the sacrum and lumbars twist........

that scenario can play out all over the body, and it doesn't have to be an organ, it can be a stuck cranium, it can be a carotid artery in your neck, etc

so usually I see them tight, but not necessarily in spasm. But that does happen too.....

do you have any changes in your digestion or pressure around any organs?????


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