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Re: Thank you for posting your story by DJThompson ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   11/2/2005 4:33:39 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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Adrenals affect everything. Besides the liver flush, which pushed me over the top with the hives, which were just a symptom of having a clogged up liver not properly straining out toxins and other irritants (thereby causing the hives) my doctor put me on a healing regimen that started with identifying food intolerances a second time with the O.G. Carroll food intolerance test. These are based on digestive enzyme deficiencies, not the immune system type allergy. I had developed an intolerance that didn't show up the first time (fruit and Sugar in combination, egg and cereal combination, and then DAIRY, but its different for everyone.) One of the most important parts of the protocol was adrenal glandular protomorphogens which help to heal a sick organ whether its under or over active. They are only made by Standard Processing Laboratories and have to be obtained from a health care professional (my chiropracter carries them). Then, I was to supplement calcium and B vitamins in the form of nutritional or brewers yeast (I add it to frozen fruit slushies). Adrenal insufficiency involves a sodium dificiency, so you actually need salt in this case, but only something like Celtic Sea Salt . Processed salt is more poison than food. Your kidneys take a hit when the adrenals get weak, from trying to compensate and they use up the sodium. That means you also need to lay off animal proteins to give the kidneys a break. She ordered me to do a 3-day fast (water only) but it took months to make it through one, and then only because I got put out with anesthesia for oral dental surgery and slept the rest of that day and the next. Day 3 wasn't so hard, but I still cut it short a few hours. It did reduce the hives by about 50%, but only the Liver Flush finished the job. I got onto that because the doctor explained about my congested liver so I went looking for a cleanse. Also, my stomach acid was very low so I supplemented with HCL and digestive enzymes. My pH also crashed and was only improved recently by the Ocean Plasma I mentioned. Hope this helps. I know what it feels like.

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