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Before moving consider this... by LD Di ..... Chemical Sensitivities Support Forum

Date:   9/19/2010 6:56:15 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Hi, all!

Just had a very interesting experience that is worth sharing.

Was just about to give up on living in the house I have owned for 33 years. Even with two HEPA/carbon air filters in this small 1,000 sq ft home, laundry smells were penetrating the walls and I was weak and groggy much of the time despite having done some great detoxing, desensitization, diet and lifestyle changes, spiritual growth, etc.

Fortunately, before I took that drastic step, I started reading some of the available literature about the theory of healthy home construction.

There I read about how combustion products from gas appliance can build up in the home. They back-draft down the chimney/flue. The combustion products can penetrate the tpye of stucco wall that separates my living space from the garage, where the gas water heater is. Also, there is not adequate ventilation for my gas stove. It was likely I was getting constant low-grade poisoning from these sources, and natural gas is a known sensitizer [cause of MCS]

So, I tried an experiment. It is warm enough to leave all the windows wide open 24-7, thus equalizing the pressures within and without, eliminating the back-draft and diffusion through the garage wall. I also quit cooking on the gas burners and used an electric hot plate.

Within a week, I am much less sensitive to the more obvious odors: Neighbor's laundry products, their BBQ lighter fluid and charcoal BBQ's, etc. I am not reacting to those at all, even when I can smell them for a while.

Have not had to use the air cleaners at all!! Evidently, keeping the house closed up and the filters and dehumidifiers running was causing more problems than it was solving. What was really hurting me most was NOT the stuff that I could smell, but the odorless combustion products collecting in my home form my own appliances!!!

However, I am now noticing more obvious reactions to exhaust fumes. Also, did some baking with the gas oven yesterday, and that triggered symptoms.

Avoiding all gas appliances is a common recommendation for those with chemical sensitivities. It is also often ignored. I confess that is what I have been doing for over a decade.

PLEASE consider going all electric if you have MCS!!!

Even when electric is more expensive than gas, it is worth it if necessary to regain your health or avoid a far more costly move.

You can experiment as I did in your residence or stay somewhere away from home for a week or two that has no gas appliances. See if your symptoms shift or go away.

If they do, be careful as you return home. The retuning symptoms can be worse than they were before you left. It is worth it to know that you have found and can eliminate a major contributing factor to your sensitivities.

Hope this experience will be helpful to many who visit this forum!!!

Keep seeking, applying, sharing accurate knowledge in order to
Keep seeking abundant life and joy!!!



BTW, all areas cross-posted reflect major symptoms affected by the above conditions. A through search of the internet will confirm that others has experienced similar linkages.


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