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Herbal remedies post-Mirena? by moneygirl ..... Mirena, Skyla IUD Forum

Date:   8/12/2010 6:20:11 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Hi again, ladies!

I have already shared my story on an earlier thread but the short version is that I had Mirena in for a grand total of 5 days, inserted 4 weeks after a miscarriage. At the time I got it, I was still having some spotting as a result of the miscarriage but nothing too noticeable... since the Mirena came out (it's been 4 days so far), I feel 1000x better (except for the occasional bout of frustration and annoyance over the smallest things) but am suffering with really strange "withdrawal bleeding" (according to the doctor at least) that seems to be getting worse, not better. Sorry for the TMI but it is not at all like any bleeding I've ever experienced as it is watery and, well, strange, like I said. Like a faucet is turned on in my cervix every time I use the restroom.

Anyway, I have been using herbal supplements for most of my adult life (I'm almost 30) and they helped me through the miscarriage tremendously where traditional medicine failed (doctors kept insisting I needed a D&C and seemed almost excited to give me one, even as my symptoms and HCG levels eased down) so I am looking to them now for relief.

I'm trying the following to hopefully resolve this truly bizarre bleeding that won't let up and get myself back into balance:

chasteberry (Vitex)
female hormone blend w/ red raspberry, black cohosh, wild yam, and licorice

I know Vitex can take several weeks to "take effect" so I'm not holding out for a magic cure overnight but wondering if any of you have any experience with herbs to assist in repairing the Mirena damage you have suffered? Seeing as how I only had mine for 5 days it is frightening that it could have had such an impact on my body (I tolerate Depo shots just fine) but I think we all know the thing is evil and capable of wrecking all kinds of havoc on our bodies.

I was going to try shepherd's purse but I couldn't find it at my vitamin store and it is supposedly better in women with "calm" constitutions, which I most certainly am not. Yarrow seems to work better in extroverted, boisterous women... totally my kind of herb. :)

Have any of you tried herbs post-Mirena and if so, what has worked well for you?


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