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Telman's 10th Flush by Telman ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   9/14/2005 4:26:46 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Four days after the 9th flush on the Friday 9th September 2005 I awoke with a stiff neck and shoulder. At 15.00hrs and two hours following lunch I was struck with intense gall bladder pain which incapacitated me for about two hours. Afterwards I had a great deal of food that kept being regurgitated and lots of indigestion, heartburn, my stomach was very swollen and I didn’t sleep at all well. I also had a few painful rashes and hives; I was very itchy especially across my forehead and suffered cramp in the legs. It is important to mention that lunch was taken at 12.00 noon and from 13.00 until 15.00 I was riding a motorbike to a rally and camping over the weekend to celebrate my/our wedding anniversary. The next morning I could eat lightly and things gradually got better throughout the day but I had no bowel movement until the next morning Sunday at 8.30am. My stools were very pale and like putty, which is a clear indication that there is an obstruction to the flow of bile from my liver. There are other causes but this is the most likely. Second bowel movement was at 12.30pm and this was a mixture of pale and more normal stools but very smelly. There appeared to be 2 pinkish stingy remains about 2 inches long, just the skins, but as the digest system would have been impaired by the poor flow of bile the jury is out as the whether they were parasites or bean shoots! My third bowel movement on Sunday at 20.30 had much the same but also some yellow mucus. Even on Monday things weren’t right and I had headaches, burning in the “V” below the sternum, back pain and pale smelly bowel movements. The consequence of this experience is that I will bring forward my next flush to try and eradicate the problem.

10th Flush

I flushed on 12th September 2005 using a modified Dr Kelly Protocol because I felt as if I needed to give the liver and gall bladder an extra kick to help dislodge some stubborn stones. The cream and raspberries, picked fresh from by garden went down a treat and didn’t appear to effect the olive oil and lemon juice solution.

13.00hrs, nothing more to eat but drink water as required until 15.00hrs.
16.00hrs, 1tablespoon Epson salt/7.5 oz cool water solution.
19.45hrs, 1tablespoon Epson salt/7.5 oz cool water solution.
21.00hrs, 4oz eat 4oz double cream with fresh raspberries.
23.00hrs, 4oz olive oil/4oz lemon juice solution and straight to bed holding the suggested position for 30 minutes, face down – pillow under right shoulder – knee fully up to chest – massage gall bladder area.

I slept very well and even dozed of in the special flush position and woke on the alarm at 6.30am. I arose at 7.00am and had 1tablespoon Epson salt/7.5 oz cool water solution. I felt a bit rough, tired and dehydrated with a little tenderness in the gall bladder region and a little heartburn. I had my first bowel movement which included two 1cm green stones and a spoonful of small stones. After innumerable visits to the toilet I had achieved quite a good haul of stones.

On the third day at 8.00am I had my first solid bowel movement which included a medium sized 1.5cm stone which was hard and whitish in colour and plenty of gunge (a mixture of chaff, gravel and small stones). The faeces were still grey and clay like, which was rather worrying, my eyes are stinging but I feel rather tired. On a more positive note my stomach is no longer swollen and the indigestion and reflux has disappeared.

Stone count

9 stones bigger than 1 cm
25 stones pea sized
about 1.5 tablespoon of small stones and chaff
about 3.0 tablespoons grey sludge


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