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Re: Day 5 of Fast by powerray ..... Fasting: Water Only

Date:   8/9/2010 3:56:54 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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hi WD!
Congratulations and I am now trying and getting closer to success at food sobriety. I am trying to do a 5-day fast soon, too and so wish i had done this with you!!! it seems so manageable to me now, like something we could have done together; oh, well. maybe you will do another 5-day soon?? I made a 4-day fast about a week ago. I hAVE launched my in-person fasting support group as of today (5 people and i have good hopes for it though it is so tiring /impossible for me to do the work for it -- writing out my understanding of fasting/food sobriety etc.) though i lost a fast today as well after only 38.5 hours. Better than nothing, but... And now i am so ill because as i say i hAve not quite yet achieved food sobriety. but i am really almost there; i am so tired of suffering. but the scariness that i have to go through to stay sober initially is terribly hard, too (is it just doing without accustomed comfort?/getting intense anxiety when the only option for food is NOT food that "comforts" [ie, for me, gives "relief" initially and then causes intense suffering/more panic]). i need some manageable plan. excluding fruit cuz i have abused that (fruit) so badly i just cant have it ; it makes me totally sick and crazy. & bloated and i cant not overeat it. oh well sorry to go on. congratulations again and hope to see you lots on the forum/feel free to email me any time! starting my food-sober Day Count soon! I think i ll post it here since it is such a stepping stone to the fasting way of life which i need for my health. .... so, phasing back to raw foods only (no fruit) starting today, with the real "food-sober" day count starting after the local froyo parlor serves the peanut butter flavor sugarfree kind... i just "can't" start my sobriety till i have had THAT one final time, sadly. ... I wish i knew what my food rules/boundaries were , in the interim. what will keep me functional and progressing toward fasting?? I have to figure it out. Tomorrow to call the yogurt parlor, explain i am an addict, and request they fire up the peanut butter Carbolite asap. Lots of love to you! How's the post-fast period going?? I am always very challenged to eat lightly enough for my body... it is so demanding. harder than fasting because i think i can eat as customary but this is so untrue... i finally realized this at a deeper level after this last fast. xoxo Powerray.

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