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Women Please Beware Before Using a Jamu Stick - Warning !!! by #109287 ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   7/29/2010 10:48:02 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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my dear sisters,
i hope any woman considering using a "jamu stick" (a molded stick of herbal ingredients that is supposed to cleanse/tighten the vagina when inserted - it has been folk medicine for countless generations BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN IT IS SAFE FOR EVERY ONE, EVERY TIME!!!) will be able to know about this before using one...

almost immediately after inserting this, it could DRY UP and FUSE to your insides - the instructions tell u to leave it in for 1-2 minutes, but in less than 30 seconds mine (which i did make sure was wet) became STUCK .......a few of them make mild mention that it might "adhere" and if that happens to just move it left to right to release it but the sellers of this are covering up how bad this could really be - i had hoped this could help with a bartholin's absess but instead, sisters, this FUSED to my body and i tried using the shower massager and positioning myself under the bathtub faucet to rewet it, but it wouldn't come out, and i ...pulled it out, RIPPING OUT MY SKIN, BLEEDING, AND IN THE WORST PAIN OF MY LIFE.......

i am desperate to save other women from this happening to them ...please do NOT use a jamu stick!!! or if u do - PLEASE DON'T - please make sure the stick is DRIPPING WET, and only QUICKLY slide it in once-twice and please do not leave it in for ANY amount of time not even 30 seconds!! PLEASE!!! ...i pray this never happens to another woman!!! *cry*


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