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Re: My contactee story. by #125342 ..... Alien Abduction Support Forum

Date:   7/16/2010 9:14:34 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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dear steps ahead...

i'm not here to offer compassion or answers I just want to

say " I BELIEVE YOU " and hope that your coming out has

unburdened your shoulders of a very heavy cape/cloak and

that you are lighter for it. It's good to have opened the

box to share with others who might relate to

your story and feel less isolated from their own

by hearing yours. thank you.

There are people who talk so openly about aliens as if

they were talking about the

very relaxed, easy and blase about it in the right

accepting one another.

And i think that's where the difference and difficulty is

if you can't trust anyone to communicate freely with;

personal experiences packed away in boxes turn into

hairier and hairier monsters and can make things appear

worse and more confusing over time.

Reassurance gained and fear can be diluted if we have some

understanding as to why these things have happened but

then you will have people respond to you with different

views and opinions..and can confuse you more...i guess

whats important is how you yourself feel towards it.

Personally I felt those who visited me were "familiar" too

and i was not scared infact the opposite i had genuine

affection although there was part of my awareness that

registered the " extraordinary strangeness of the

situation". As bizarre and unsettling as it was

returning to the memory of My feelings as a true gadge and

register of my genuine relationship with my visitors

helped. my waking rational mind can often lead me into

troubled waters when if i listened to my heart more it

does tell a different story and not one of 100% fear that

my mind can tell me.

The mali tribe, the caves, held an odd fascination for me

for a good while fresh after the incidences and still does

aswell.....dolphin/shark skin no pores/hairs/ bones.

Your visitor who wore a sombreo hat? my visitor,

who accompanied a taller being carrying a brief case and i

termed as the dr, wore an ill fitting WIG and poor attempt

of bright red lipstick!??? I can only assume it was trying

to pass as female? Ludicrous i know..all the more when

for a brief comic moment considered that this

androgenous alien didn't even make a convincing

"transvestite"?!!! I was staring at an ALIEN for crying

out loud, how did it think A WIG and pillar box red

lipstick would make it anywhere NEAR HUMAN??! i kind of

felt amused, endeared, uncomfortably disturbed and

embaressed for it all at once!

Anyway...Like spirit, aliens are able to channel

through a human being....and step out when some

information has been relayed. mediums sometimes have no

recollection of what has occured or what has been said. A

friend in the infancy of her mediumship as i turned to say

goodbye after a visit said something to me so astonishing

and out of the blue i was stuck for something to say and

ignored it and carried through with a hug and a wave...had

I just imagined it?... a few weeks later what she said

came to pass..princess diana was killed in france...!!!

she has zero recollection!

The point is steps ahead you are communicating a

language "unknown" to your friend and "yourself", your

voice altered in tone and sound and was unfamiliar to your

mum.....your "other abilities"? i don't know what they

are but to you they are unusual.....would you explore them

consider to refine them for whatever reason..? would your

intention and motivation be integrous?

The people who do speak more freely about this topic area

are those who are more open minded and work in spiritual

and healing alternative therapy was such a

relief to me when after years of silence and not

approaching the alien subject a multidimensional vortex

healer announced that she saw images of ufo ships above popped the balloon of my silence, the key turned

and a boxs was opened..

It was just cool to come face to face with another human

who understood and had a positive viewpoint regarding it.

It melted much of the anxiety and the inner tension and

uncertainty of keeping the knowledge of my alien

experiences to myself.


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