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Re: Congrats!!! And a few questions, comments by waskily ..... Chemical Sensitivities Support Forum

Date:   6/29/2010 9:37:34 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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I am 47 years old and was in very good health except for the MCS. I gave up anything containing corn syrup, trans fats and general over processed food years ago and ate mostly organic.. i had had Depression and fatigue but other than that i work out 4 days a week and ride a bike.

I did live in Mexico City for 10 years, smoked from ages 12-27, did cocaine and drank a lot in younger years.

How I noticed the MCS was in Dance class(very aerobic workout dance), i started to get irritable, headaches and cough when there was perfume and fabric softener smells present. Since it was interfering with my favorite activity, I didn't ignore it long. Also, it was getting worse very fast!

My best friend is a health guru and cured her cancer, so we are very attentive to our health.

I heard of Sheery Rogers and got the book on ebay right then and started doing everything i could. Thing is, for some months I was still getting worse and, even after a few months of treatment, got so bad that I didint want to go to restaurants and homes of friends or travel. I could smell EVERY CHEMICAL. (now i can't!) I WASN"T GETTING BETTER at all. It was frightening and depressing, not to mention ruining my social life.

That's why i kept doing more and more. NAC, Glycine, vit C chlorella,lipoic acid, coffee or vinegar enema(6 days a week), regular sauna (3 days a week for 1 hour)did lots of aroma therapy in sauna. I put eucalyptus, clove oil, lemon, rosemary oil etc on a damp cloth and breathed in (feels amazing!)fish oil, molybdenum,oregano oil, cleaned and cleared out my room, got rid of acrylic nails out etc etc..etc etc, i slept a lot.

I had read that it may take a while for the bodies detox response to kick in. I think getting well naturally takes a lot of work and dedication.

I have little setbacks now and then..but I dont have to leave dance class and i havent gotten the full blown irritability, headache, coughing reaction. i just feel it a bit in my lungs. How i could tell i was reacting. i love to dance and am always happy doing it; but suddenly my smile would turn to a frown.

I stopped sauning cuz I got hair extensions and also got a tattoo (who knows what toxic junk was in that ink!) i would have never considered that before.. so, i am slacking off, but am going back to the sauna (now have non glue extensions). Although, its so nice to be well and not spend all my time and money getting well. I will do the anti parasite rounds every few months.

I have added Diatomaeceous Earth, vitamin D, vitamin E and Green tea extract to my regamine for various health and beauty reasons. I try to do food based supplements..turmeric, ginger, garlic, barley grass, flax seeds, diatomaceous earth, oregano oil..

I am still in my psycho-therapy and the MCS does seem to be connected to anxiety. The therapy is a benefit from the MCS. its good really.

Did i mention that i cut out all(well, i go out sometimes and eat whatever) not organic grass fed animal products... eating parsley, broccoli, blueberries, nuts, coconut, coconut oil, and other super-foods. I started cooking my own food, growing herbs in my apt window.

Did i mention i had lots of aches and pains in the mornings then and now dont...

did i mention my knee surgeon told me never to do high impact again 2 years ago? Actually what he said was to limit myself to the Elliptical!! i cried for an hour and then said to myself "i dont think so". he never told me how to maximize cartilage and heal joints...i learned that on my own, do physical therapy on my own and have some great knees and can jump quite high!



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