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my lips are 99% better by wgb ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   6/27/2010 7:49:38 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Hi everyone,

I haven't been on this forum in about 4 or 5 months. I see some of the familiar names, and some new ones, on the most recent discussion page.

I dropped in to say that my lips are 99% better / cured.

They have gotten better very, very slowly.

They got bad about a year ago, and I started searching for answers. I am in my 40's, calm and mainly healthy overall, and nothing like this had happened before to me.

Before I got cheilitis, I already was following a healthy mainly-vegetarian diet, taking good levels of supplements, avoiding chemicals, etc. I've continued my practices.

Since I was last active on this forum, I have continued to wash my lips twice a day with the EO organic peppermint and tea tree oil hand washing soap - it's so great that I started using it as my facial soap too, and my Acne has cleared up about 95% as well! I got it from for about $8.

I continue to use pure glycerin diluted with water about 3 times a day on my lips. I use no other stuff on my lips, except for EOS organic lip balm (no petroleum, no wax, no bad stuff) about twice a day - I got it from for about $4 about 6 months ago. (EO and EOS are different companies, both organic, by the way.)

I think that it's the combination of a lot of very small things that has balanced my lip skin out, so that they are in much better shape now. My family members have commented in the last 6 weeks that that they think my lips look completely healthy. I don't look at my lips in the mirror much and I still don't wear lipstick, because I don't want to cause a decline in their healing.

As of now, the only thing that causes my lips to develop cheilitis is when I eat a vegetable stir-fry, which I eat about once every 2 weeks (stir-frys I make at home and those from a restaurant both cause the flaking and the flare-up, which is interesting). I think that I have some kind of ongoing sensitivity to something that is in stir-frys, as a side issue for my lips. I've isolated every ingredient on its own (except for soy sauce - which is my last one to try on my lips on its own), and I do have some lip skin sensitivity to garlic, but I don't get the kind of lip reaction to garlic on its own as I get from lip exposure to a complete stir-fry meal. When I eat garlic on other occasions in other types of meals, I am okay with it. So that's still a mystery. Maybe it's the soy sauce.

However, garlic, and food in general, was definitely NOT the original or main cause of my cheilitis. I know because I went for long periods of time on limited diets and avoiding many, many things for weeks on end did not help. In the main, I have no idea what caused my lips to flake, crust, weep, peel so badly. It came on relatively suddenly, worsened over half a year, stayed bad for about 6 months, and has finally ebbed away over the last few months.

I've explained everything I researched and tried in previous posts on this forum.

Unfortunately, the ability for anyone here to search for my previous posts is gone because I checked the wrong box one day on the website, so I'll link to a couple of my posts here:

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(Note that the "RRR" list which is accessible at the top of the page seems to have no threads at all in it now, which is weird! That is unfortunate for newcomers, because those various recommended lists were a big help to me when I started here. The "RR" list also seems to be deleted.)
In this thread, also see a response I attached to my original post because it contains a bunch of other links that I thought might be helpful:

Good wishes to all!

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