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Re: How to get rid of persistant pinworms finally. by sanjean ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   6/26/2010 12:52:13 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Wikipedia also says.....

.....They emerge from the anus, and while moving on the skin near the anus, the female pinworms deposit eggs either through (1) contracting and expelling the eggs, (2) dying and then disintegrating, or (3) bodily rupture due to the host scratching the worm.[21] After depositing the eggs, the female becomes opaque and dies.[16] The reason the female emerges from the anus is to obtain the oxygen necessary for the maturation of the eggs.[...

I know from personal experience that this is not true. I feel them crawl back in. NO doubt about that!

I've also seen the babies that have hatched on my vagina. Even after washing, I swipe that area with my finger tip and look at it with a 14x magnifier. So, yes, they are able to reinfect us. I assume that they are doing the same on my anus.

About the vaginal infection... I've had them living and loving in my vagina and urethra for at least 6 months. When I was having an allergic reaction and I put some cream on that they didn't like, I could feel them moving around and stinging inside. At times it was bad enough to cause bleeding. The same happens in the rectum. If they can't get out, they get really active.

I also feel them crawl out my urethra. That's bad enough now but when I was allergic to them, it was unbearable! While trying to get to sleep, I feel them crawling out, then moving around the area. I would have to just lay there helplessly and wait for them to crawl back in before there was any chance of sleep. Now I can still feel them but it's not agonizing like before.


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