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How best to break fast with pain from gallstones by cinnamonn ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   6/23/2010 7:27:29 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Ever since taking turmeric and chinese bitters I have been feeling huge pressure or tension in the liver area, more so during fasting.

Today during my regular fast, I felt a stone in my gallbladder area. I have no idea how it feels like to have stone stuck so I'm not sure if this is the case but I feel occasional sharp pains and mostly an overall sensation of something being there other than the overwhelming pressure.

My main concern is how best to break a fast with the gallstone pressure. I'm sure it's best to fast till the tension is gone but constraints-wise I can only fast for a day or two. I've always broken with fruit but with these symptoms of late the breaking of the fast didn't go too well. I CRAVED fats and overate fruits veggies to feel satisfied because of the firm belief that fats after a fast is a NO-NO (Can somebody tell me if is OK with a short one day fast?) I am calm during fasting and upon breaking I become unsettled and unable to concentrate on anything. In the end I end up taking some coconut or olive oil and only then the craze goes away. But then I feel sluggish and terrible after that. Mainly because I cannot seem to tolerate fats at all lately. I'm wondering how it would be to break a fast with oil, sort of like a Liver Flush in these conditions.
I'm confused,
would the oil place a burden on a already overtaxed liver not to mention not being able to be digested by my system at all because it's shut down from fasting?
would it stimulate the liver to promote bile flow and thus help dislodge the Gallstones and relieve symptoms?

Which brings me to say that I've, ofcourse realized that my upmost priority would be do a Liver Flush but so far my 3 flushes produced no results except my last.
I threw up on my last flush but passed a few stones a few days later, less than a week ago. Could the pressure be from the stones stuck from my last liver flush? I was going to wait a few weeks before doing another one.

Not being able to tolerate fats and the need for fats for bile flow kind of seem confusing to me. What do I need to do in this situation??? I would be grateful if someone explains this too. Thanks in advance.

p.s Oh I forgot to mention - My face is really YELLOW.
It happened during my previous longer fasts before but I'm concerned that it happened overnight.

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