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Re: Baby is still alive by Iolite ..... Saraís Soup Kitchen

Date:   6/21/2010 5:27:58 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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You can do this when you cuddle her. Five minutes here, five minutes there... she will absorb whatever you can give her. It truly is very easy as breathing and putting your hands on her.

Why don't I give you the quick run down of QT and you can decide whether you want to do this or not. Before I start, here are three things to remember about running energy. (1) Energy follows thought, (2) Love amplifies energy and (3) Always ask for help from above (angels, ascended masters, God, Allah) just ask for help, and you will get it. There have been times when I've been running energy and it's felt like there are extra hands beside mine running energy.

1. With a deep breath (a quick 4 count or a long 8 count), imagine white light coming up from the bottom of your feet, up your legs, then your trunk and up out through the top of your head about 10-12 feet. Then with the out breath imagine that white light coming back through the top of your head and down your arms and out through your palms.

2. With every inhale, pull the energy up and with every exhale pull it in and out the hands. You'll notice very quickly a sensation in your hands, heat, tingling, cold. Don't worry if you don't feel it right away, with continued practice, you'll be able to feel it. Don't hyperventilate. Once you feel the energy, even just the slightest tingle or prickles, you can quiet your breath (breathe less deeply) for a spell.

There are different variations on breath to increase the energy, but the basic technique is breath the energy up from the bottoms of the feet and out the top of the head and exhale the energy back down and out through the palms of your hands.

As you are sending Baby the energy, be mindful of how much you love her and imagine that love pouring out your hands with the energy.

If Baby runs away while you are running the energy, it's probably coming too fast for her. You can wait a bit and try again later or just give it to her in short spurts. She'll benefit from short healing sessions too. You can also give her distant healing simply by imagining she's sitting there between your hands while you send the energy and do the breathing.


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