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Re: JULY FIRST = BAD NEWS FOR HERBS by MH by buttcrack ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   6/14/2010 11:42:27 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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"but turning everyone into vegetarians would be good...why would they do that? Unless they are trying to pump soy into everyone."

Some of your most powerful civilizations in history understood how to keep their slaves strong enough to work but weak enough to fight and run away. This was controlled through the diet they were given. Usually vegetarian.
Now think about what that does to a GMO food eating vegetarian. What kind of effects would that have on a person in the long run? Most people in the states don't really know what a real banana tastes like, I know i don't as i've been eating the hybridized GMO stuff all my life. Same with strawberries, peaches e.t.c.... So it will alter a person, probably restructure their DNA, cause wierd diseases eating round up ready foods. The organic stuff isn't much different either, unless its wild. Eating this crap i'm sure makes one that much dumber as well. These are they types of vegetarians these clowns want to bring about. The new age movement has been instrumental in pushing this agenda as well.

Ever seen the movie solvent green? Well 10 bucks says thats based on a true story in the future. Just look at how human DNA is being spliced into our foods, or how china finds fetuses as a delicacy. Give it some time and watch it unfold.

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