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[FAQ] Healing Cleanse: Bodywork: Working File Thread by water01 ..... Natural Healing & Herbal Solutions w/Unyquity

Date:   6/9/2010 1:32:02 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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This is an FAQ working file thread. Please do not ask questions in this thread. Feel free to add valid information/research and or testimonies.

Bodywork: Body Massage, Foot Reflexology

Products that may assist the body when having Bodywork done:

Massage oil, Deep Tissue/Muscle/Joint Repair Oil

Lobelia Tincture

Cayenne Tincture

Feed the nerves: Calcium Formula / Nevine Combination / B & B Tincture Oil of Garlic: Organic Garlic in Organic, Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed Olive Oil

BF & C Oil (bone, flesh & cartilage)

Nerve Regeneration Tincture / Nerve Sedative Tincture


Deep Tissue/Muscle/Joint Repair Oil: Organic Virgin Olive Oil, Menthol Crystals, Wintergreen Oil, Ginger root, Arnica flowers, St. Johnís Wort, Calendula flowers & Habanera/African Bird Peppers

B & B Tincture: Organic Black Cohosh, Blue Cohosh, Blue Vervain, Skullcap & Lobelia in 100 proof alcohol

BF & C (Bone, Flesh & Cartilage) Tincture: Organic Oak bark, Marshmallow root, Mullein herb, Wormwood, Lobelia, Skullcap, Comfrey root, Walnut Leaf, Gravel root in 100 proof alcohol

Calcium Formula: Comfrey, horsetail grass, oatstraw, and lobelia

Nervine Combination: Black cohosh, capsicum, hops flowers, lady's slipper, lobelia, skullcap, valerian root, wood betony, and mistletoe

Nerve Sedative Tincture: Organic Valerian Root, Passion Flower, Lobelia herb, Hops flowers, Black Cohosh root, Blue Cohosh Root, Wild Yam root & Skullcap herb in 100 proof alcohol

Nerve Regeneration Tincture: Organic Skullcap, Oat Tops (milky stage), St. Johnís Wort, Celery Seed, Lavender flowers, unroasted/green Coffee bean, Kola Nut. [Dr. Schulze included Ephedra in this tincture -- for those that are concerned about the FDA warnings make / purchase this tincture without the Ephedra.]

Therapeutic Action:


Why bodywork? BLOCKAGE; blood, lymphatic system and nerve supply.

The body gets disease because you canít get the nutrition in and it canít get the waste out. Every cell in your body needs to be fed. You can drink all the carrot juice in the world, you can take all the greatest, most potent herbs, you get them into your digestion, you assimilate them into your blood, BUT.. unless that blood gets to the exact cell that is sick, it wonít get nourished--it wonít get well.

The POWER of bodywork is amazing. What happens when you increase the circulation -- get more circulation to the body -- the circulation not only increases the amount of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes from your juices and your herbs, but when you get into that organ it also gets the waste out of the cell -- the carbon dioxide out of the cell -- the waste materials -- the toxins -- the poisons.

This all has to happen through your blood and your lymphatic system. If that blood is reduced -- and there can be a lot of reasons -- a tumor putting pressure on the body, constipation, 5 or 10 pounds of fecal matter in your bowel -- your not going to have the same flow of blood through your veins, arteries -- your lymphatic system -- it can press off nerves and create further paralysis.

Massage is often used to relieve stress -- helping to keep tight muscles caused by stress from creating blockages to nerve degeneration, lymphatic ducts.

Body Massage

You have to put your hands on the person that is not well. You have to stimulate the circulation -- the blood -- the lymph -- the nerves. You have to bring them back to life.

You do not need to have training. It is your God given gift -- just put your hands on the person and start squeezing and massaging them to stimulate their body. ďThis is going to create a healing.Ē

We have to start touching, squeezing, kneading -- working on the person -- to help them get better.

Always have these two tinctures in your pocket when working on people; cayenne and lobelia. Why tinctures? Tinctures are fast.

Cayenne is the greatest way to bring a person back. When someone is feeling faint or dizzy or you see their face go white -- a few drops of cayenne tincture in their mouth and you will see the blood come back. It revives them.

On the other hand if a person is too tight and too contracted and their muscles are in spasm -- Lobelia. It is the greatest herbal spasmodic. 5-10 drops of lobelia tincture will relax the muscles and relax the person. Always have these tinctures on hand.

The second thing -- Always have something to make the room smell good. When people are ill, they donít smell good. Have something you can spray into the air. Essential oils are antibacterial, so they will destroy any bacteria in the air and as you breathe them, they actually destroy bacteria that is in your body. Spritz them into the air. Eucalyptus and orange are two oils that are nice for this time.

The next thing -- Always have something to put on the body. Deep Tissue Oil is good when massaging the body. It stimulates the circulation and reduces inflammation. Put a few drops of Deep Tissue Oil on your finger tips -- massage the temples - put a bit on the personís upper lip, so they can breathe it.

Just put your hands on the person and tell them to BREATHE. Many people, when you are working on them, hold their breath. Tell them to take a nice deep breath and then let it out. You want them to let go and to breathe.

It is difficult to find someone who will work deep into the muscles. For good bodywork -- in order to increase the circulation, blood, lymph -- you have to Ďdig iní a little bit. Use your sensitivity. If a person goes OUCH -- Tell them to SIGH and RELAX -- gauge it to the person you are working on. Some people are more sensitive. Have them take a big breath -- in and out -- lift their shoulders -- big breath in -- as they let it out have them drop their shoulders. Repeat. Grab a hold of their shoulders -- using your thumbs -- make some circular motions on the muscles on each side of the spine. All the nerves come out of the spine. You need to stimulate the nerve and blood circulation in order to heal.

Begin with some deep circular motions. Squeeze the muscles -- shoulders -- arms. Many times people will feel tingling because you are loosening up the nerves. Now, have the person drop their head forward into your hand, then take a big breath in -- then just let their head drop more -- the full weight of their head. Now you can work on their neck. Squeeze the neck between the base of your hand and your finger tips -- squeeze the muscles around the neck and spine.

What you are trying to do is free up the muscular. Your muscles can get so tight that they actually cut off nerve and blood supply. Use a finger and thumb to press and make circular motions -- stimulating the nerves in the area and releasing them. This stimulates circulation throughout the whole body. Work down the neck to the area of the 7th vertebrae (where you find the hump) and up to the base of the skull. Also work along the skull plate on both sides of the neck.

Ask the person, ďWhat does this feel like? What are you feeling now?Ē. If you hear silence -- ask them to take a big breathe in and let it out -- as they let it out -- press into the area to release those muscles.

Massage the scalp. Just use your finger pads to stimulate the scalp. It is amazing the nerve endings that are all through the top of the head.

Donít forget the ears. The ears are a place that we never touch. The ears, according to acupuncture, have points that stimulate the entire body. Just squeeze the ear. Donít forget the back of the ear. Press hard -- you can put a lot of pressure. Run your fingers up and across the scull plate.

You have to get more blood into the head and out -- into the nerve pathways.

The biggest problem with massage -- most people donít do it deeply enough -- do the whole body.

To end the massage -- give the person a couple drops of cayenne tincture to get maximum blood flow.

Massage to stimulate blood, lymph and nerve flow to start healing.

Foot Reflexology

You donít need to know foot reflexology. You donít have to have a chart. Use your intuition.

First, some things to relax the person. Then, some things to move some blood and some nerve and lymphatic circulation in the body.

The bottom of the feet are loaded with nerve endings. These nerve endings when stimulated reach any organ, muscle and system on the body.

You just work the whole bottom of the feet. Dig in with your thumb. You can use circular motions. You are trying to stimulate all the nerves and reflexes on the bottom of the feet. There are 10ís of thousands of them. Donít forget the bottom of the toes. You can also use your knuckles to knead -- work them up the bottom of the foot.

First -- Just relax. Keep reminding the person to breathe.

Hold the foot in your hand and give it a few rotations -- just trying to relax it -- getting the person to let the foot go. Give the foot a little stretch -- back and forward.

A technique that feels good; cup the foot behind the ball -- between the palms of hand, shake the foot back and forth. Do this for a minute or two. It helps relax the knee, the calf and all the way up to the hip and the pelvis. It feels good. You can also go to the sides of the foot and just squeeze. Put pressure on the area and rub it back and forth -- it feels wonderful.

Once you have relaxed the foot, you can stroke it a little bit and rub it. You can move your hands up onto the calf. Just squeezing the personís calf can feel wonderful. It stimulates the circulation. Massage the calves. We are on our feet all day long. The calf muscle does a lot of work -- relax it.

Stretch the toes -- relieving the stress in the toe will have a dramatic effect on the rest of the body. Grab the toe in the middle -- lift it up and back -- stretch the toe. Have the person take a deep breath. As the person exhales lift up and back -- stretching the toe. Work on the inside of the toes. For some people this can be painful. If they feel pain, remind them to keep breathing. When they exhale have them let out some audible sighs.

Foot reflexology corresponds to the head and the neck. Many times when you are working this area on a person, they will feel tingling in their neck or head. People wonder if foot reflexology really works -- the minute your start working on a person, they are going to start to feel tingling in their neck and the top of their head.

Doing some reflexes on the side of the toes and on the bottom of the toes -- just pinching the toe using your thumb and first finger.

By doing this, it takes the personís attention away from thinking about their illness. It makes them think about their feet. It is very relaxing to move the thoughts of illness out of their head. It gives them a little bit of a break.

Right behind the ball on each side of the foot -- according to reflexology these are the reproductive organs, but these are also good points to stimulate the entire body.

Holding the back of the foot, place your fingers in this area. Have the person take a big breath and let it out with audible sighs. Holding the toes with your other hand, rotate this part of the foot.

A personís body temperature will rise, they will start to perspire -- you are stimulating the skin glands -- you are changing their energy.

These are just a few things you can do to a personís feet to let them have a few minutes where they forget their illness and also stimulate the nerves -- even the skin -- and organs throughout the whole body.

If a person gets lightheaded -- give them a few drops of cayenne tincture. If they are too tense and you want to relax them -- give them lobelia tincture.

It is very simple -- just get your hands on the personís feet and start working -- you donít need a license -- you donít need a degree -- just use your common sense. Donít be afraid to cause them a little bit of pain. Remember to make them breathe. A little bit of pain stimulates the blood, the lymph and the nerve flow in the body.

Why Should I Cleanse?

Detoxification is essential to releasing muscle damage.

Damaged muscles generate a great deal of toxicity, and toxicity from the body will make the muscles harder to release.

In the days following any healing bodywork treatment, the body does a lot of housecleaning. Stagnant wastes empty into the bloodstream from the muscles.

Bodywork effects the muscles, nerve and lymph systems. When blockages are removed --- blood, lymph and nerve flow is increased. It is important that the body is able to eliminate the toxins that have been released; aiding healing and preventing an overload of toxicity.

What is the Cleanse Cycle for this Protocol?

Massage stimulates blood, lymph and nerve flow to start healing.

Colon Cleansing both before and after any healing bodywork is important; This is the íway outí for the toxins that have been released.

Drinking plenty of distilled / RO water. Keep the body well hydrated.

Considerations / What Can I Expect?

Whenever you have bodywork done that gets deep into the muscles, it will hurt, especially if you are toxic, or have a low pain tolerance.

Once the muscle has been released --- blood and lymph flow is increased --- blood in and waste out --- there is no more pain. You will have increased movement and energy. You will begin to heal.


Drink plenty of distilled or RO water.

If you are having a full body deep massage, it may be a good idea to plan on the need for extra sleep. Your body will be doing a lot of housecleaning.


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