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Telman's 1st to 3rd flush by Telman ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   6/15/2005 3:51:18 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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I am a 52year old male living in Kent, England.

I have violent and chronic pains in the “V” of my rib cage and one day in May 2005 I collapsed in agony after which I remained drain, tired and not very well at all. I had suffered like this a couple of times in the past but my doctor and hospital we unable to diagnose a problem. I was convinced that it was caused by my gall bladder so I set about researching the condition on the internet, whence I came across the site.

First Flush

Having carefully read through the information I was determined to carry out a flush because I was so frightened of the pain returning. I started my first flush on 2nd June 2005. I did exactly as it said in the Dr Hulda Clark protocol except that everything was 1hr later, I used the juice from three lemons with which I sipped alternately the olive oil and I did not take any ornithine capsules. I had no problems drinking any of the potions and in fact quite enjoyed the olive oil and lemon juice. When I was laying flat on my back in bed I could sense and almost feel the movement of something in the gall bladder area. I also had a few mild cramps at this time and also later in the night.

I had to get out of bed at 3.30 am with diarrhoea, which I assume was a reaction to the Epsom Salts . The next day I had to visit the toilet about every 30 minutes to start with from about 9.00am trailing of to 2hrs until I stopped at 9.00 pm. My waste was all liquid and green stones with the constancy of old putty. The toilet bowl looked as if someone had poured a tin of vegetable soup in it. I didn’t collect or photograph the stones but on a general count was as follows:

1 stone bigger than 2cm
20 stones bigger than 1cm
40 stones pea sized
Loads of gravel sized stones

My gall bladder felt quite tender, my stomach was slightly bloated and my anus was incredible sore but on the whole I felt that the whole operation was a great success. I my heart I felt that the job was not quite done and that I needed another flush. So as I don’t have to work at present I schedule this for Monday 6th June 2005, four days after the first flush.

Second Flush

I reduced the Epson Salt dose down to 1 desert spoon per dose to try and control the diarrhoea and I also gave my anus a good coating of Vaseline before I went to bed. Every thing else was the same. This time I slept though until 7.00am but I still had the diarrhoea and a multitude of visits to the toilet from 9.00am onwards. The Vaseline was a good idea as it stopped me getting sore.

The count on this day was as follows:

1 stone bigger than 2 cm
13 stones bigger than 1.5 cm
24 stones bigger than 1 cm
34 stones of pea sized
loads more gravel

When I thought it was all over I felt what I thought was wind travelling and gurgling through my intestines and when I finally needed to answer the call of nature at 8.00pm I discharged a 3.5 cm stone which was well on the way to becoming calcified. The next day I pasted another 12 stones all around 1 cm in size.

Third Flush

I carried out my third flush on 13 June 2005 and encouraged by the success I had so far and my ability to easily drink the potions I decided to give my liver a double hit. After drinking the olive oil and lemon juice and lying flat on my back for 30 minutes I had another dose of the olive oil and lemon juice and lay again for 30 minutes. I did suffer from indigestion in the night and still had the taste of olive oil in my mouth in the morning; however, the results were excellent as follows:

1 stone bigger than 3 cm
1 stone bigger than 2 cm
9 stones bigger than 1 cm
35 stones pea sized
Loads of sludge

The consistency of the stones was very different than the green squashy stones that I expelled on the first two occasions. On the previous flush the stones were starting to get hard or having a hard crust but the stones this time were grey and the consistency of hard cheese. The large stone which was 3 cm by 1 cm appeared as if it had been squashed in a tube like a wax earplug and the sludge was disgusting grey fowl smelling stuff. I assume that these stones probably come from my liver rather than gall bladder but I don’t know.

My first solid motion on the following day at 11.30 am was normal except that it was 25% full, evenly distributed of the gritty sludge. So i guess my liver is flushing on its own now that a major blockage has been removed.


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