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Re: Candida and Weight Gain by Hveragerthi ..... The Truth in Medicine

Date:   5/29/2010 12:13:03 AM ( 10 years ago ago)
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 Everyone else seems to loose weight. I am just gaining and gaining more and more. I dont hardly recognise myself anymore and feel ashamed of myself. I eat only veggies (including potatoes) salad, chicken. Its not enough to gain weight. Ok I am inactive because I am ill but still I should not be gaining weight. Anything that kills off the candida causes more weight gain (I have candida leaky gut). I read toxins can cause fluid retention but I dont know if its fluid or not. I dont understand what is happening to my body. I dont even think my liver is clearing any of the toxins inspite of taking supplements. Any thoughts please? thanks

There are a number of reasons for weight gain.  It is not as simple as calories in versus calories burnt.  This is an old but persistent MYTH!!!  Various endocrine disorders, congestive heart failure, hormone replacement therapy or hormone imbalances, synthetic "zero calorie" sweeteners, medications, etc. can lead to weight gain.  And even weight gain can lead to more weight gain since the fat cells generate estrogen, which in turn generates more fat cells.  There is also the issue of a person's white adipose (fat) to brown adipose tissue ratio.  The higher the brown adipose tissue is in relation to the white adipose tissue the easier it is for a person to lose weight.  A higher white adipose tissue to brown adipose tissue ratio and the person will have a much harder time losing weight.

Hormones and thyroid are the most common reasons though for weight gain.  Bitters and sources of B vitamins will help the liver to break down excess hormones.  And you can do your basal body temperature to see if your thyroid is an issue.  It is a lot more accurate than lab tests for thyroid.  Here is a link about the procedure:


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