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Re: Please help me... I'm desperate and suicidal by crownpoint ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   5/27/2010 3:50:08 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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This is so many years later. Probably somebody else with a similar problem will read this answer. I want to tell what once happened to me. For three days I felt totally paranoid, I was about to have a yearly visit from a relative who always made me nervous. I asked my husband to stay home and protect me from his relative, but my husband went off to work. My tongue hurt. I could only eat brown rice, which was OK, since it does "stick to the ribs" and made me feel full and not hungry. But my tongue hurt so badly that nothing else could I stand. At the same time as all of this, it was like my normal, calm self was standing back and looking at myself and saying, "Um, that's weird. Why am I so paranoid? I thought I was a calm sort of person." After the three days, I finally remembered my "Let's Eat Right to Keep Fit" book. Adelle Davis to the rescue! Ta-da! I read that a Niacin deficiency can cause just those symptoms. I went to my friend across the street and guessed right - she had some niacin-amide in her cupboard. One dose and I was fixed! No more paranoia nor painful tongue. Then I decided, "Aw! That vitamin didn't help me. It was going to get better by itself, anyway." The next day it all came back! Then 20 minutes after I took the vitamin (it's one of the B vitamins), it was dramatically fixed again. I found out that whole mental wards were emptied when it was first discovered and tried on people. After the fix, then I changed to a whole, balanced B vitamin because I didn't want to get off balanced in the opposite direction by continuing a single B vit. - I believe that mental anguish can be from vitamin deficiencies which are easy to fix. And I believe that mental anguish can come from spiritual or from logical errors. ("The devil can only have a footing in the area where you believe a lie. So tell yourself the truth.") My advice is to never even contemplate suicide because it is so selfish and if God is displeased with you taking on His job, then there's no time to repent of it, nor to discover that there might be no relief from such wickedness. The beginning of wisdom is to fear the Lord. My guess is that Elis Elliot's advice is still good, "Do the next thing." If you cannot think of anything else, just do your duty and things will get better later. Also, I have used this advice to my good, "There is no big bad thing, but there are ten small benefits from it." In the case of not going to college, which you assumed was a big bad thing, I can think of 20 definite benefits from not going. Rejoice. You missed a bullet by not going to college when you were sick. Also, Vitamin D is called the "irritable baby" vitamin, because it is the first thing to suspect for crankiness. Cod Liver Oil is the easiest, cheapest remedy for that. Take a double dose until symptoms get better, then back off to a single dose and never skip it after that.

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