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Re: The gospel of greed? by trust2009 ..... Christianity Debate

Date:   5/18/2010 6:11:18 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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yes, spud, i think they say right about the vibration that changes form in the water. I tell you this have raise shiver in me. yes, the western people have gone escaping reality and having money is big desire for that. and it is terrible for those ones who do not take time to see us, the practicle beings, in order to live again withen the unknown blessfullness and peacfull and healthy of God's creation. why? those greedy know that if they do care of you with real love they will not have money for their own acceptance of their service ineffectively and purposely given wrong. you see we are facing extreme cheat: we are ending destroying each other just with selling ideas and ignorance and no responsability for the end, or the true wellfare of the well being to come within the unknown happy, on GOd side. you can see this even in the heart of the holder. we the poor have to win a war by helping each others and not doom the loved one to be send to those devils, those who want to use you by geting you in trouble and no solution any more. THEY ARE AFRAID OF SEEING THE WORLD BETTER BY THE MEANS OF USING THEIR HATE AND PLEASURE TO SEE YOU DOWN. YOU WILL SEE THAT WHENEVER YOU COME SERIOUSLY IN NEED OF OTHERS. the trap is that they attract you (young ones) to be not serious when you do not need and other need it to make money for irresistable pleasure. so the young one have a long time to learn ideas and when they come to use it they would have banalized the evil energy and when it comes to practical they would have a cruel heart. that is why it is hard to change to GOD' love and true well being again. illusions 95 percent growing ever more until seriouseness and pleasure seeing our beloved sick and dead come to the last judgment and ...It is all up to us, is it that what they say? Every thing manifested is under the mind and we are powerful and can do what we want..Lol?
Spud, speak your heart, my friend, no one is going to bann you from the CUREZONE, FREE YOU FEAR, HEAR IS FREE. Is it not? we are all here for that to know the hidden evil so that we be free and understand each others and help for the best power of which God gave us,Do we spud? or we like to have the devil on our side against your claim of you beloved wife, child, parent, friend, yourself, animals, things, etc. we want our power of mind from the heart as a gift to life as the birds have to free themselves from the cold winter. if we are not true we will never have heart and understanding. if we are afraid of fear we will never be integrit or part of the whole that gives real life : we will be a part of that whole that give death - do you see your God there? thank you spud. it is time now spud not much left to that judgment.

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