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Re: Hey Infected Intolerant, how are you?? by Infected Intolerant ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   5/11/2010 6:55:42 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Sorry Surfer27, but I'm afraid I won't be able to help you much. But to answer your questions that are applicable..
First noticed at the age of 13.5.It was because of my peers, and probably at that age because of puberty. Since then I was able to deduce that I was born with it, or at least had it at a very early age (probs 5).
Known to smell like: Fecal, fish,urine, Smoke, chicken, food,rotten eggs, sewerage.

Tests. Well I'm only 15 at the moment, my parents and the local doctor are still trying to remain I haven't really gotten many tests done. Though I've tried the baking soda test. My results: nothing. I think this means low stomach acid or something.

What things I have tried:
To be honest. Not much. I've tried liquid chlorophyll, metamucil(pysllium fibre)and some multivitamins. None of them produced a great difference.
There are things that I avoid. It's very embarassing and I'm glad I'm not doing this face to face.
Any situations that makes me uncomfortable, mostly change and surprises.
Talking- Though I can't help it as I'm still in school but I know I have bad breath. Smells range from cat urine to chicken.
"Playing with myself and flirting"-.- - It always gets stronger. I've noticed a pattern. The first few days are stronger in smell and the latter days are stronger in heat. The hormones make me give up eventually...
Foods-Fish, egg. WORST IS EGG.

The fecal odour gets worse, before(the "I need to go toilet"), during and after. I'm sure that it subsides after 15 mins. I have trouble having bowel movements as well. Not sure why, and it's very annoying + I don't know how to cleanse.

One last bit of info I might add. When I was young, I used to play 8 hours a day outside with other people everyday. I sweated heaps and was in the sun a lot(a bit of the tan is still on me now lol). I didn't drink more than 500mL everyday. This happened for about 3 years. Come to think of it, from ages 5-13 I didn't drink much water at all. My lips were always dry and I lost the thirsty feeling.
I don't even drink a lot of water now(I don't hydrate regularly). Could this be a big problem? Can this be the cause to my odour?

I'm sorry for the long post that didn't even help you at all. I was hoping you would help me :(
Do you have any suggestions?

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