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Re: whats happening? by #125342 ..... Bowel Cleanse Support Forum

Date:   5/10/2010 1:46:00 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Hi there...what was odd was that it was due to a REAL craving for Ginger that made me sit up and question what my body was trying to tell me!! Normally i cook with it..But i was guzzling down Ginger beer as if i was a swash buckling pirate who had been out all day in the midday sun!! It was an exotic regular request on a shopping list for a while before making ginger root tea with it..

I had a few symptoms at the time one, i believe now to be a chinese plum pit condition and related to stagnant liver chi ?!! That area is still very much a mystery to me...and i need to explore further.

All I could do at the time that was DIY to kick start the flow was to make home made carrot soups and spice it up big time with all the recommended spices combined..and sipped that for a week.. quite pleasent, a deep flavourfull curry indian soup with a chilli kick and tones of grated orange... this i did before the parasite and bowel cleanse.

As i understand i need to do these first..before the liver cleanse which is my main focus and goal if there has to be one, that and to be self sufficient and out of the drs room, with a newfound menu and map of a changed healthier lifestyle and be commited to it..

I actually felt really good and better than i have felt in a long long time just after the parasite and bowel cleanse..which was why i found the nudging and encroaching sleepyness, tenderness aching joints etc perplexing...

But having read the above link, thanks Tom's making alot of sense and is actually a good sign that things are making progress...but in the same breath..if things do remain and/or get worse...well i will jump that fence if it arrives...but in short it's like things will temporarily feel worse before they get better again.

It's made me realise too to be more patient with the in between breaks of cleanses and also in the meantime to strengthen the other organs. And yes, this has made me all the more attentive to my body and the importance of listening and initiate stuff as and when it feels ok and ready..Getting in touch and in tune with my body is something new to me but it's like a compass and i can see how it can point to the next coordinate of the map..

The ginger thing is a good point in case and as i no longer am craving it..maybe its done its purpose at the dosage it was and time to pull up anchor on that one and leave it to the stir frys!

The inertia part about the body in the link also caught my interest......gosh theres so much to learn!

Thank you both for responding! I feel much more at ease now! Before then my forefinger was poised, just about to run down a list of symptoms related to some jungle borneo tick bite..if you know that feeling! LOL ! thank you!

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