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Re: Dairy industry hipocrites? by Hveragerthi ..... The Truth in Medicine

Date:   5/6/2010 2:45:55 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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 If I drink raw milk from non-sick cows, am I better off than drinking other types of milk? Do you know how milk is transformed from raw and what it gains or loses, assuming it is not contaminated.

There are pros and cons with each form of milk.  Raw milk is prone to bacterial contamination, and there have been a number of recalls because of this.  On the other hand pasteurized milk also contains formaldehyde, which is why it gels instead of curdles when it spoils.

Either way milk is not good for the body.  It may be high in calcium but the protein in milk blocks the absorption of calcium.  And milk is one of the biggest causes of heart disease due to the presence of xanthine oxidase in milk, which damages the arterial lining.  It does not matter if it is raw or not.

If you are going to drink raw milk though here is a little tip.  Peroxide.  When I was in Iceland I was looking for milk in the market.  So I looked around the refrigerated section, but no luck.  I finally found it in the middle of the store.  Come to find out that the milk in much of Europe is sterilized with peroxide instead of pasteurization.  The peroxide kills the pathogens in the milk sterilizing it so it does not require refrigeration until opened and the shelf life is 4 months unopened.  When the peroxide is added it reacts with the pathogens in the milk forming a scum on top of the milk.  This is scraped off and the rest of the milk packaged.  If you do this you would use diluted food grade hydrogen peroxide, not the store bought stuff in the brown bottles since this contains other ingredients as stabilizers.


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