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Feet Positioning and Stainless Steel Array by ladylove ..... Ionic Foot Bath Forum

Date:   4/22/2010 12:16:56 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Hi Cisco, Antique and everybody :-),

I started a new thread so we don't have to scroll down so far..

1.) I have been having the same thoughts as Cisco, re: raising the feet up off the floor of the foot bath container; because it seems to me that a significant proportion of the foot's pore surface circulation is obstructed by being mashed flat against the bottom of the container where the water can't circulate. I see that as a major thing I want to correct. I have tried to compensate by changing my foot position in the bath, but there may be a better solution- I hope.

Many of the DIY Ionic foot baths I have seen describe using one of those plastic cutting boards, modified with slots cut in to hold the S/S plates in position. Those folks are still getting good enough results to be marvelling over it, so that material must be OK to use.

2.) Secondly, as Antique and I think others may have suggested, a cylinder or other shape of array metal may be better or more effective to work with and maneuver in this application. I will opt for what works better and gets better results, whether or not it looks good or handles easier. I wouldn't want the job of cleaning out the inside of a hollow cylinder though..

I would like to find something easier to thoroughly clean than the cheese graters, (which will forever have a place in my heart, thank you again Believenatural :-)).

3.) Thirdly, the purity of the S/S is something I want to address and it is possible (and I think likely) that something purer than these cheese graters may be available, which to me will make it desirable.

LOL, maybe a fancy-schmancy Williams-Sonoma cheese grateur..

There is one manufacturer who is using a pure copper pot for the foot bath container, because they say it produces a better effect than using a plastic one:

Because of that manufacturer, I am wondering if perhaps copper is acceptable to use as electrode material in this application instead of stainless steel. Does anyone know?

I am thinking there is a reason we aren't using copper, and if there is I want to know what that reason is. I know I would not take copper as a nutrient, but then I would not take stainless steel as a nutrient either.

However, some folks cook in copper (I'm not one of them), copper is used for water pipes etc. I think, and is worn for Arthritis in some places, so I'd like to know if we could use it for this. Maybe it's just too soft a metal, I do not know. One thing I *do* know- Unless I find out it is entirely safe to use copper, I will continue to use *only* Stainless Steel.
And, the reason for this question: Copper is a whole lot easier to find.

Anybody got any info on any of this?

Last question- Where do you go to find Stainless Steel like this? Hinge plates? Tiles? Sheet metal shop ($$$$$?)

Stay well,


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