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Re: HELP PLEASE: Any advice about the right Zapper for CANDIDA and General use, thanks. by MZap ..... Zapper Support Forum

Date:   4/5/2010 4:06:01 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Hello Joejac
=> ďÖ but I do not want to experiment with myself anymoreĒ
Killing a pathogen with frequencies is always an experiment, and an act of faith because there is no medical or scientific proof it will work with Clark, Rife, or any other set of frequencies.

Zappers, on their basic effect of tiny DC currents, seems to work well with candida, but, as said in this post you mention

it is a long process where you get rid of a layer of fungus after the other.

For what I understand of candida, the immune system is the one mainly involved in controlling this fungus. Zappers, generally speaking, will clean your body from many pathogens and boost the ability of your immune system to work properly.

If you want to target more specifically this problem with a frequency, and you want to try Clark set of frequencies, you can borrow a frequency generator, with a frequency meter, able to send a frequency of 386kHz, all in the positive offset, about 5 to 10V peak to peak . Frequency being direct, you can use a sinusoidal signal, instead of a square one (no harmonics needed) Time of exposition can be as low as 3mn at this direct frequency.
If the frequency generator is plugged in a wall outlet, it will be wise to use an isolation transformer.
If this works for you, then think to buy one to make many ďzapping experiencesĒ, during many weeks.

If you want to use a zapper with the use of frequencies to hit this pathogen frequency range (384.2kHz to 388.4kHz), here is the calculation you should do to check the validity of the offered frequency :
Example : Offered frequency : 2.500kHz, square wave (you need a lot of harmonics here).
Take the direct frequency as a first approach : 386kHz.
Divide by the offered frequency : 386/2.5kHz = 154.4 times.
Try 153 and 155, two odd harmonics around 154.4
153*2.5kHz= 382.50kHz => out of range
154*2.5kHz= 385kHz => in range, if your zapper makes this even harmonic.
155*2.5kHz= 387.50kHz => in range.
2.5kHz will hit candida on its 155th harmonic.

Check on this page for more information, if this technical side of zappers interest you

I donít know when a frequency stops having enough energy to hit hard pathogens.
By the number of people liking 2.5kHz, it seems this one still works.
I have some doubt 15Hz will work.
That is why i continue experimenting.
That is why Iím advocating a sweep frequency to increase the number of hits, even with a low precision generator, using 2.5kHz range and 4kHz to 8kHz range.

Note_1: When using harmonics, you are hitting once in a while your parasite (here once every 155 periods of direct frequency). This means 3mn will not be long enough. What will be long enough ? Honestly, I donít know. 3x 20mn seems to work, most of the time.

Note_2 : I had good success with many fungus using Colloidal Silver repeatedly, directly on them. Sometimes you can use-it (in between toe fingers, in the intestinal track,Ö), sometimes not.

Finally, as Gegatso says, a simple, good zapper could be good enough, or at least a good place to start with, without waiting a precious time looking for "the best one", a "title" you will find in every zapper you will look at (:-).


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