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Re: Some god's are pretenders (parasites) by rudenski ..... Near Death Experiences Support Forum (NDE)

Date:   3/17/2010 9:11:01 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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IC " What would be the point then coming here to suffer? Is that a 'god' of love that would even have that as an option?"

r- I have read that it is because God would not want mechanatrons that had no choice but to serve love. I believe that is part of the answer. I teach blind people life skills and adjustment to blindness. Sometimes I step in to help these souls while helping them build their confidence and other times I let them fail to let them realize that the path they are going down is not helping them. That may be another aspect or part of the answer. I feel angels surrounding me at times and sometimes I ignore the angels. I speak to 'The Light,' God, and Y-h(The sum of All Love) depending on the context... I am not sure if that is part of the answer too but if I knew the complete answer(all) to your question, I hope I would be ready to not choose that option again.

IC "Is there maybe something else going on (manipulative)and perhaps even on the other side to get us to come back?"

I agree with this in part. I believe our ancestors and our own curiosities are major manipulators. I hope I am no longer curious about this dimension of 2/3rds light and I am ready to move on to higher love.

I am not saying there are not dark parasites that lower the light in some souls below 2/3rds. Some of the energies in this world are dense darkness. I saw them as points that radiated darkness and absorbed the darkness around them. I like how you call those energies parasites. But much like killing parasites in our own body often just changes their form, eliminating darkness in the earth's body is more like making the body healthy with light. The Light will not be trying to kill the darkness but rather it will go to the ends of the earth and into its bowels to recover 'All Light' from every spirit and soul in it. It may look grisly on the outside but on the inside, from the soul perspective, it looks like the earth is restored(this is not the right word) but kind of like how a new mother who has gone through a lot of pain gives life to a healthy baby... the earth somehow gives birth to a new earth that is the best parts of mother and daughter...

I know I am out there on the edge of truth here so I will let it be... Metaphors may not be the best way to describe soul but it is all I can write at this time without slipping into untruth for me... I think your perspective is very valid and your truth. I have my truth. We each will add our truths to 'The Truth' and there is miles of room for more than our truths to still fit in the same space. When I was lining up with the other orbs of light to return to earth I saw other orbs with such diverse perceptions that were so foreign to what I understood. Your truth and mine are most likely only different in their semantics.

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