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how do i deal with this narcassistic/sociopath? by #125342 ..... Narcissism/Sociopathy Survivors Forum

Date:   2/18/2010 11:57:50 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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hi there, I need some experienced advice please!
the little i have read up on this area makes me feel sick now that i realize what i am up against!!. This particular individual in short stresses me out, my insides contract and my knees shake when he is present.. i no longer enjoy going out to the allotment to garden where he and his vegetable garden is directly adjacent. At first i thought i was paranoid and didn't want to say anything, to turn the blind eye..and for karma to sort it out..but the violations have became increasingly more apparent with repeated shed break ins when nothing inside taken and cutting down of fruit trees.. i approached the authorities and made my concern known but Without evidence the police can do nothing..i am his target this i am sure of and have no understanding why he has selected me otherwise i would try and right the meantime i am definitely getting a cooler reception from the fellow gardeners which is hurtful as i am on the shy side already..i have a cat too which he knows i am fond of who accompanies me. ( he has had run ins with the animal cruelty officers and governmental authorities already ) it's not in my nature to retaliate, but neither do i want the series of violations to continue when i return to gardening after keeping away for 6 do i deal with this without appearing vulnerable? Is massaging his ego which is abhorrent to me the best thing to keep the peace and so no harm or stress comes to me and my cat? how do i deal with what i realise is poisoned gossip about me ..what can i say to the fellow gardiners that will correct it succintly for me about this monster, who is charasmatic without coming off as delusional and paranoid? Inside i am really angry and upset but need good sound advice because i do want and need to stand up to a bully but all the more "WISELY" given that he is a sociopathic narcissist? And potenially one i have to deal with for many years????

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