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Re: I'm a young guy and going through similar problems.... by lostnlonely ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   2/13/2010 9:13:20 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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Iread your story and I just wanted to introduce myself to you and the members on this forum. My name is Dan. I feel for everyone in this forum as I too am suffering. I am about to vent and tell my story. Sorry for such a long post, but i can't keep this inside me anymore.

I am 27, and have suffered with bo since I was 12. That was when I started noticing people coughing, sniffing, and saying "what smells crap" around me. Then, I saw all the friends I had left me.

My freshman year in high school was horrible. Actually all 4 years were a nightmare. I had looked forward to my high school years, but everyday in class was mentally grinding as I would hear the usually coughing, sniffing, and people saying "whats that smell" around me. But i couldn't smell it myself. I had a teacher sniff and looked at me funny. I had fellow students sitting next to me cover their noses.

The toughest part is knowing I had great potential. I'm sure we all do here in this forum. My grades really suffered as all I can think about is this crazy bo literally 24/7 and why so many girls come up to me to introduce themselves to me, but then they sniff and stuff.

I know I'm a good looking guy and I get compliments, but once the girl know about my bo they run away. Those occurrence really got to me because all guys in hs would love girls to be interested in them.

To see other guys have it so easy without the bo had me wondering "why me" for a while. So through hs to now I have turned into a quiet, shy guy with few friends, 1 relationship in the past, and self esteem issues.

The few friends I have left and family always say I should socialize more. Why don't I have a girlfriend, why don't i go out more instead of staying home and studying all the time, why don't i visit them more often. I tell them that they'll only understand if they were in my shoes.

All I do is work and go home. I rarely go out with friends. The only time I go out is when I go to work, groceries, maybe shopping, go to the bank, or out to eat. I never go with more than 1 people at a time. I try to socialize, but then I hear always hear someone saying "what smells", or covering their nose, or sniffing, coughing, etc. It is getting old and I'm getting tired.

I hope to one day meet a girl that will love me for who I am and willing to understand and accept me. It is very concerning to think I might live my whole life w/o getting married, or having no kids of my own. I hope to meet some new friends here and would be open to a relationship to any gal out there that may be looking for a mate.

Feel free to send me a private message any time or you can add me as a friend on yahoo IM id: electronicstech07. Thanks for taking the time to read my long post and I hope we all will overcome this condition in the very near future!

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