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Re: Truth Is Refreshing...........;))Re: 80%+ "Positive Results" = what exactly??? (edit) Re: What I did to heal Leaky Gut by t_montreal ..... Leaky Gut Support Forum

Date:   2/10/2010 3:05:53 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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I love a good rated 'R' myself...Bring it!!! :P

Gosh Ginger, you're something else, lol! It's a great thing, trust me:):):) You almost made me cry, when I wasn't trying not to laugh out loud (like for real;)!

Oh man, you know, sometimes when I post my questions and concerns, I feel like totally mortified- like holy cow, here she is, screwing up, or sounding crazy- now EVERYONE can see it, yadda yadda. Yea, my situation, a lot of the time, has been less than ideal. Most days, I have no idea what's keeping me going. It feels like the struggle can be endless...and that's not blaming anyone but me- I'm just trying to get my brain totally wrapped around this Natural Healing thing- not letting my emotions/negative feelings/concerns for details (and fears!) get in the way and stop my healing. It IS a process...

What do I know FOR SURE?

1. The body ABSOLUTELY CAN Heal. That's the design. That's what it is made to do. It's Genius that way. It's PERFECT.

2. I (you, we) HAVE to GET OUT OF THE WAY of this process! Get out of the way! lol, let it do its job for once! (I say this mostly to myself, who has become so accustomed to medicating my feelings with less than nourishing ideas and foods and habits) And I often hear myself screaming AT MYSELF- Darnit T, GET OUT OF THE FREAKING WAY!

LOL. Yup.:)

I'm stopping there, because all of the cleansing/healing stuff is a given- and most definitely HAS to be included in any protocol to get well. But for me, these two are THE MOST IMPORTANT points to really grasp, accept, preach and LOVE about the process. Otherwise, all attemps at healing are futile- well, for me at least. I HAVE to get this. I really do.

Love you all,


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