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Re: Please help me to help this teen! by RainbowBright ..... Depression Forum

Date:   2/10/2010 9:49:57 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Hi, thanks for the comment! I agree 100%. In fact, taking care of hypoglycemia has been one of the biggest factors in helping my son with his mood issues. But it has been a long road and I have been extremely fortunate that he has embraced information about health and he truly understands that what he eats (or doesn't eat) has a direct and immediate affect on how he feels and behaves. Because he has accepted this for himself, I don't have to force the issue all the time...he basically self-regulates it. Sometimes he has moments of weakness (kids and their parents are always offering him sodas and treats!), but mostly he looks out for his own diet and nutrition, with just occassional nagging from me!

But to do this took years of working with him and a lot of control by me while he was young. I'd really have to have Isaiah living with me to be able to control his diet. I have thought about talking with his mother, but I feel like I am overstepping, if I am telling her what to feed him and what time to put him to bed (he's also not getting enough sleep!). Maybe I can talk with Isaiah directly about it since he is 13 and not a little kid. However, one of the problems he faces is that there is not a lot of food to choose from at his house. I think he usually has Frosted Flakes for breakfast, and that may be his only choice! I'm hypoglycemic too, and I'd pretty much have a nervous breakdown if I ate Frosted Flakes for breakfast!

On a postive note, I found and ordered what look like some really good self-help books for teenagers about dealing with typical teenage issues, and some about anger. One book is written from a Christian perspective, so I think he may get a lot from that. Since he loves reading I am hoping that the wisdom of some of these authors might be able to help him in some way.

Thanks everyone!


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