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my fordyce spots by wgb ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   1/22/2010 7:25:25 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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my spots don't stick out like a pimple, except for a couple of little ones on my top lip that stick out a teeny bit when i stretch the upper lip taut. once in the past i tried to squeeze one of those, the ones that stuck out just a bit, and a tiny bit of something came out of it but didn't get rid of it. i didn't try to squeeze any more in my upper lip. you can't see them even from a foot away if i don't stretch my upper lip, which doesn't occur in normal interactions.

the spots that are visible by other people from close range are the ones on my lower lip, and they are embedded within the skin and don't stick out. i can grasp them though, with my fingernails, if i want to isolate one to try to squeeze it. i only tried that once - nothing happened to it when i tried to squeeze it. i just felt a bit of pain from the sensitive lip nerves.

in an earlier post here, i estimated that i have about 12 largish fordyce spots on my lower lip, 6 on each side. actually, i probably have more like 10 on each side (none in the middle of the lip), now that i look closely and count.

these spots are a secondary concern, and i'm not too worried about them. i think that when the cheilitis clears up, they will gradually shrink.

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