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Re: just a reminder by wgb ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   1/19/2010 4:30:04 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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About 15 or 20% of my bottom lip has cheilitis now, and I don't know if that part is getting better or not. When I discovered that the AHA lotion was causing most of my cheilitis and I stopped using it, my lips healed really well for a couple of weeks, and they went from 80% with cheilitis to 20% with cheilitis, from daily exfoliation to about every-3-days exfoliation, which is of course a welcome improvement.

I'm not sure if the healing on that last little strip on my bottom lip has stopped or not, since this week, it's looked the same each day - no improvement for several days, and tonight there was a big exfoliation of that area (which always feels like things are going backwards, when the exfoliation actually occurs.)

Although, this week I've had some kind of tummy bug where I felt nauseated for 3 days straight, so that might have halted any extra healing in my body while my system dealt with that.

Anyway, I had a free shipping coupon that Swanson Vitamins sent me with my last order from them, so I decided to order the $6.50 on-sale acidophilus liquid to give it a try. If it gets rid of my teeth plaque, that would be great, and if it helps the lips, fantastic!

I will swish it one time in the morning, and see what it does. I'll spread it on my lips, too, after the swishing.

However, I'm not going to stop washing my lips 4 times a day with the EO soap and then putting glycerin on them (after every meal, and at night after I brush my teeth), because anything you put on your lips in the morning (acidophilus or vaseline or cortisone or whatever) is surely gone from them by lunchtime anyway. I drink a lot of tea, so anything I put on after breakfast would be gone by 10 am from my lips. Other stuff would get on the lips during the day, like foods, beverages, and saliva, and I don't want those to sit on my lips without being washed off occasionally. If the acidophilus seems to work well in the morning, I can also put it on each time after I wash my lips after having contact with foods, beverages, and saliva during my meals - I don't have to use glycerin, just something that is moisturizing and does no harm.

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