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Re: Stress is the cause of all diseases by BTurcotte ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   11/24/2004 2:15:52 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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You dont have to beg OR pay for the booklet. MH is giving it away. All he is asking is that you go to the effort of writing him and requesting it. He even produces and mails it on his dime. Why on earth would you pay someone else for his material that he is giving away for free??? I don't have his booklet but I will be writing him to request it. I suggest you just make the effort to write a small letter and stuff it in the mailbox instead of throwing away your money or at the very least send MH your money. However, if you are hell bent on throwing away your money you can send me some via paypal! : ) I could sell you tolkens to your favorite public park if it would make you feel better.

As for MH not making his materials easily accessable makes sense to me. He clearly believes that we should all do our own research and in doing so he offers us his research. After reading many of his posts I think he would actually prefer you didnt accept his research based on your own conclusions from your own research than to blindly follow what he has to say. Not to speak for MH but I believe what is most important to him is that we take ownership over our own health and put in the necessary effort to do so. He wants people serious about improving their health and people simply reading a paraphrased set of guidelines just wont do it for him I believe.

This past summer I destroyed my knee and have been off work since. I couldnt do simple things like cutting the lawn. Thankfully my best friend offered to do this chore for me on the weekend. Would it have been reasonable of me to be so thankless as to demand that he do it tuesday nights instead of the weekend when he had some free time? I simply dont understand how anyone can get angry with someone who is offering help on their terms. If you dont want his help on the terms he requires then just say no thank you and move on to something else.

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