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Hi there LivingForHealth!! by Surfer27 ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   1/7/2010 11:46:09 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Hi there LivingForHealth,
My username's Surfer27. I just read your post and found it inspiring!! I did want to however, ask you a whole bunch of questions, if you don't mind. Okay first off, when you said that the B Complex was helping your FBO, what exactly do you mean by that? Are you describing your FBO issues here, as in constantly farting alot, as your way of describing FBO, or is your FBO happening as a result of having a bm and afterwards smelling like it all day? Secondly, before getting some success over this with taking B Complex, was your fecal Body Odor , a consistant thing and by that I mean, have you suffered with this all through the day and getting comments from people, like: eww, what's the smell, what stinks in here, it smells like someone crapped their pants, etc, etc? Sorry for being graphic, but I do have to ask!!! Thirdly, umm, did you find that, before taking the B Complex vitamins, that you suffered with Fecal Body Odor s, for several years and I am not talking about gas, because that's flatulence. Fourth, have you ever had several doctors tests done, only to find out that they said, that you were normal? Did you find that, when trying to explain to the medical community about your situation, that they didn't take you at all seriously, or that they dismissed you and said, it's all in your head? My last question is: have any of your friends, outright told you that you stink, or that they asked you if you ever cleaned yourself up properly. I have to ask this as well, because, alot of this stuff has been happening to me, not to mention the disgusting looks I get from people as I pass them by and I get treated with a ill manner kind of neglect, from people I'm around!! I have personally been dealing with FBO issues and by this I mean, literally smelling like crap for 4 yrs now and have gotten all the doctor tests done and still, I haven't found any answers and nor have the doctors!! Believe me when I say, this is by far, the most frustrating thing, a person would have to live with, because it causes that individual to live in complete utter frustration, hopelessness and isolation, for alot of their lives, without being able to get out and enjoy life as they should. Atleast, that's the situation for me right now and it's a reality for alot of other people here on Curezone, and other medical health sites, where people are trying to get some answers, but aren't finding any!! If you could get back to me, asap on this when you can, then I'd appreciate that alot!! Thanks and Good luck with the vitamins!!

Ryan Annunziello

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