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Re: One meal a day? by grzbear ..... Ask Trapper

Date:   12/30/2009 10:12:50 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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>>"Hmm... I am kind of lost on the whole fermentation and cultures and everything. Also what is "ML protocol"?"<<

ML protocol - the Ask moreless forum... it first and foremost emphasized the need for "high quality" in season foods. Emphasis on high quality... which is beyond organic and understands that the soil must not only have a good mineral composition, but also organic acids from the microflora and insect/worm life in order to be healthy and produce nutrient dense plant/animal foods.

>>"I think I am too obsessed with numbers..."<<

I have been too... and still am at times... a sort of research maven if you will... the numbers do nothing but confuse IMO.

>>"I like to find out what nutrients I am supposed to have and how much of them and calculate how to get what I need and then leave it at that. Apparently it is more complicated than that."<<

Need changes with activity, lifestyle, environment, diet, lunar, solar, seasonal cycles, etc. etc.

So finding a "number" and sticking with it is not in our best interests IMO.

>>"But if numbers aren't the standard by which you calculate what your body needs nutriotionally, then what is?"<<

Striving to communicate with your body and its microflora and then recognizing what it needs/wants... this takes effort, conscious practice (health of nails, eyes, hair, skin, etc. can be big clues initially) and is a lifelong endeavor.

>>"I understand the body should be capable of telling you what it needs, but if a body is so messed up by 21st century living, you can't trust it to send you clear messages."<<

Clearly IMO, if one does their best to make in season, high quality vegetables the foundation of their diet, and then build off of that with high quality in season fruits, seeds, nuts, fats, and animal products, figuring it out will gradually come to you... over time.

>>"My body can tell me it's craving sweets (I've only been perfectly off all sweets for 10 days now) when in reality it's craving something completely different and sweets are the last thing I need."<<

Man has a built in sweet tooth... high quality in season foods no matter what they are, are sweeter than lessor quality foods... this was a mechanism we used in the past to find the very best foods when foraging.

We also knew to leave the plants that were insect infested, sick, and diseased alone and not eat them... now industry sprays the he!! out of them with chemicals and people do not know the difference other than they are sick...

>>"But how, besides numbers (2000 calories 3500mg potassium 200mg selenium etc etc etc) do I figure out what my body needs and when it needs it?"<<

Time, effort, and discipline... it is not easy.

HOWEVER, if you are eating in season, local high quality foods, the plants will have the correct ratios of nutrients in them for that season... in colder weather, they have more sodium, in warmer weather more potassium. etc.

We do not have to do anything other than to follow the cycles of our environment.

Obviously, in the case of living where there may be only one or two growing seasons, some adjustments may need to be made to this way of thinking... however, if you understand what they are, as in the case of potassium/sodium ratios, one would not eat tropical fruit in the dead of winter... otherwise they will have a hard time staying warm due to the increase in potassium... they would more appropriately lean towards late fall and winter crops.



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