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Helpful Site posted Again for Newcomers by LPN12345 ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   12/15/2009 3:12:07 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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For the new people in curezone, I posted this 5 months ago. I hope that this will be helpful to some who are having BO problems, Some BO problems are related to different things. Also for those who may think they have TMAU symptoms, I had TMAU symptoms but I managed to get rid of my odor.It can be done with perseverance,and patience. Anyway here is the post: (I wrote it to people in the TMAU forum)


I'm not trying to be Ms. Knowitall, but all this info I'm putting here it is in the Body Odor Forum, had I known this forum existed I would have gotten messages over sooner. I believe people have different reasons for having body odors. JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH BO IT DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE TMAU!

Some odors are because to fhe lack of PH balance in the body, some because of Candidia,IBS, Acid Refux,infections and other reasons.(You will be surprised) Most BO problems are due to problems in the digestive flora, if it's gas, flutece,stomach and colon problems, indigestion, and food allergys, ect... a lot of it could be cleared by doubling up on probotics and changing your diet. and taking digestive enzymes. I'm not trying to step on anyone's toes here but if you are interested in wanting to know other reasons for Body Odors feel free to click on this site.

Some who have TMAU or think that they have it may have this mentality that you never be healed or nothing can help , I beg to differ and if you are not willing to try anything .then your progress may never change..It's time to stop feeling sorry for your selves, some of you have stopped working because of this,(See yourseff working again) going shopping visiting friends, going to the movies and encouraging someone who is going through this too.

It talks about different myths and if you click on internal or external it will give you lots of information.


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