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Re: questions regarding home made ionic foot bath... by godmadeusperfect ..... Ionic Foot Bath Forum

Date:   12/9/2009 4:38:38 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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Hi, I've posted all my results and testimony about my experience with these detox foot baths. I wish I knew how to put a link in here for those posts.

Basically starting fromt he first bath I did in my MD's office, I felt lighter and healthier like a huge weight had been lifted off of me sucked through my feet. It was awesome. I did about three baths at the doctor's office and said "I have to get this at home because this is going to be key to regaining my health". I felt so much better after each treatment. I proceeded to buy one and did approx. 14 baths in a row at home before the water ran "clear", meaning vertually identical to a bath that ran for 30 minutes without feet in the water. That is when I also felt good enough that I didn't need the treatment anymore so to speak. I did the bath monthly for a few months following that and it continued to clear.

Then recently I was exposed to a new toxin and the bath help me once again; There had been a strange new burning plastic smell for about a month every day at the same time coming from some neighboring apartment and I am hoping it was not meth, I called the narcotics division of my citie's police department and they are investigating this situation. Then this month I did a footbath and it ran "dirty" and I believe it was detoxing whatever was in the burning plastic smell I had been being exposed to.

These baths helped me regain my life. I don't do them everyday anymore, once you get cleaned out you can go for months without needing them in my opinion.

Also, in my first few baths the black coal chunk looking gunk was abundant by the pound I would say. It was incredible. My husband who is healthy as a horse had virtually none compared to me who I had been very sick with mercury and other toxicities. Now when I do a bath there is usually just a few kernals of that which is about the same amount as would be in the water that ran without feet in the bath for 30 minutes.

This technology for detoxing is incredible and I hope that anyone who is sick out there will try it and begin to regain their health. I believe that if one has mercury fillings they should remove them with a holistic dentist who won't expose them to more toxins before beginning treatment otherwise I believe it could suck more mercury out into the system. But I am no scientist, that is just my theory. But if you are too sick to do a biological dental cleanup, then this tecnology will help you feel better so you can do the cleanup.

PS, I forgot to mention the mental clarity I began to have after these baths was incredible. This technology is one of the best kept secrets ever. However I was recently at a healthcare convention and they were being demonstrated there and I was really heartened to see that because it is going to help a lot of people once it goes mainstream.

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