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Can anyone tell me what is wrong with me? by cinnamonn ..... Fasting: Water Only

Date:   12/7/2009 10:54:05 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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I would really like to do a Water Fast and also wean my self into it by doing a juice fast before the Water Fast but every time I fast I become totally bed-ridden.
God knows how much I had to endure during my 30day Water Fast (my tongue was still white in the end anyway, I had to stop becuase of the nausea which grew stronger by the day and I couldn't bear it anymore.)

The thing is I don't want to do such a severe fast in the beginning but my body says otherwise. OK, I get it that nature means for us to water fast. My personal experience has shown me that it's really the best way. But Water Fasting for me has meant giving up my life while I was on it and honestly I don't have another month to allocate for fasting. I would like to fast while preparing for the CPA exam.

So my option would be to begin with a juice fast and then a water fast. But whenever I go into 'fasting' mode my body refuses to take in anything. When I was really sick(this was bfore my water fast), I had to dry fast for a few days which was so hard on me. Even water would have upset my stomach then. Now I can tolerate water but juice gives me an upset stomach. I cannot seem to digest once the body goes into the fasting mode. One sip, really just one sip, and I get all... the heavy full feeling you get after a huge meal.

That's my problem and until now it's just me whining. I mean fasting is the only thing that gives me relief so all I can do is bear all the crap and fast anyway right? It's probably because my body is too toxic.

Until I tried fasting with a fermented drink. Like kombucha its main ingredient is just Sugar water although it was fermented with dandelion and all the good stuff, it's still very sweet and sugary.

I never knew fasting could be so easy. For three days, it was just normal like other common fasters. Mild detox symtopms but all my functions still in tact, I was able to walk no problem. I realized it was the sugar. As long as I had my sugar, I was fine. But I needed more and more Sugar and I realized I was just feeding the bad stuff whatever it is. The breaking of it was a mess and I didn't feel good at all unlike other postfasts when I feel so much better no matter how short the fast was.

It was only when I cut off the Sugar or whatever that I'm feeding, my whole system seemingly shuts down or something. All the strength is taken out of me and taking one step or moving a finger is a chore. My muscles turn useless. My stomach starts thumping wildly etc Even a little sugar in the form of lemon water revives me.

I've self-diagnosed myself with Candida and yes I have parasites becuase they are in my stools all the time and I've already taken Humaworm twice I'm waiting for my time to do the third roun. But can they really show that kind of reaction to fasting?

I don't know what to make of this because I haven't seen other people like this.
Is there anyone who could explain my dependency on sugar?
If there's anyone who has reacted in a similar way to fasting I would appreciate any comments.

Genuine thanks to all who've taken the time to read and thanks in advance. I would appreciate any comments.

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