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Re: MMS burst and got rid of my kidney tumor/cyst by Stephan2 ..... MMS - Miracle Mineral Solution Debate

Date:   11/28/2009 3:52:11 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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I have used Miracle-Mineral-Supplement for oral health with great success, I also put it into my water pick - however one of them died, because chlorine dioxid will attack rubber components, like seals, etc. But in some cases the cost may be reasonable if one consider the extra benefit it gives.

I also treated my gums once successfully with Colloidal Silver , but you need to use one with high ppm. I switched from a 500ppm, which I was running out of, to a low 10 ppm and that didn't do it. I used up what I had left in the 500 ppm bottle and fortunately that took care of it. I used the 500 pmm Colloidal Silver from Innovative Natural Products. I also use it for sore throats, etc.

Be careful with your dental health, gum disease can lead to heart attacks, etc., the bacteria from the infected tissue can enter the blood stream and cauase inflammation of the arteries or otherwise harm your body. These bacteria form 'bio films' where they grow in. They can coat the surface of a heart valve and damage it - that happened to a friend of mine.

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