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Italian Dr. Paolo Zamboni: Cause of MS are blocked neck veins! by Stephan2 ..... Multiple Sclerosis Forum

Date:   11/26/2009 12:39:59 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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Three days ago I stumbled upon an amazing discovery by the Italian Dr. Paolo Zamboni, that the cause of MS is due iron deposits in the brain that are caused by a blockage in the neck veins and the widening of the neck veins caused immediate improvement in MS patients:

I wonder about a connection between this and possible infections in the mouth or due to root canal treated teeth.

Possibly the following could happen:

Infected teeth or gum --> bacterial biofilms --> bacteria entering the blood stream --> inflammation of arteries (narrowing of arteries) or the veins
--> blockage of neck veins (possibly triggered due to a trauma) --> MS or similar health issues. Or:
--> blockage of heart arteries --> heart attacks. Or:
--> blockage of brain arteries --> strokes Or:
--> arthritis

So there may be a possibility that dental health may be responsible for these conditions. The MMS (miracle mineral supplement) is a powerful disinfectant that can be used for oral hygiene. I had arthritis-like pain in my left hand a few weeks ago and had just received a new shipment of MMS and 50% citric acid solution. I made an oral rinse and swallowed the rest, and the next morning the pain was completely gone and did not reoccur (I am using MMS about every other day for oral rinse).

I wonder if I would ingest activated MMS for a longer time whether my tinnitus will subside – if I also have a narrowing of the neck veins or arteries. A neck trauma could trigger such a condition, if bacteria are in the blood due to unhealthy teeth or gums or root canal treated teeth (which I have two of).

I found evidence on the Internet (and here on curezone) from MS patients that used colloidal silver or MMS with reversal of MS symptoms. If that is true than that would mean that colloidal silver or MMS would reverse the venal narrowing, which in turn would point to inflammation due to bacteria possibly from the mouth.

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