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Urine body odor through pores by #116323 ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   11/24/2009 10:12:24 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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Hey everyone hope all of you are doing good and hanging in there.I just wanted to say that I noticed my bo seemed to be less today, cause I had less reactions from people. The only difference lately is I am taking lemon everyday, I just squeeze the juice of a lemon in my mouth, I also changed soaps I was previously using Dial which did not seem to help me after I got out of the shower I be smelling like urine a few minutes later and now I switch my soap to Irish Spring deordorant soap and it seems in my opinion to help reduce it a little and leaves a nice deordorant scent on my skin; in addition for the ladies on here my bf bought me Victoria's Secret body sprays and body butter and it also has helped reduce my bo and leaves a very nice scent on my body. I am also taking Zinc 50 mg and liquid chorophyll 5 teaspoons a day. Now I don't know which one is helping me to be honest but after I use the new soap and body spray I noticed I smelled more like the soap and body spray then bo. Now the bo is still there but has reduced a little; just it being reduced a little maked me feel good, any type of positive change is better then nothing yet I know there is still more work I need to put into this. The only reason I think this is because I got less negative reactions from people today, lol which is a good feeling considering I'm use to getting negative reactions from people all day. Anyways I thought I just share what I'm trying. This is my first day trying the different soap and body spray so I'm not putting my hopes up, maybe I'm being too postive, but we will see if if these chages have made some of a difference in the days ahead. Hang in there everyone we will ge through this I know it is tough sometimes. My bo is like a urine odor through my pores so if anyone else out there has the same bo please share with me what is helping you or what you are trying. Thanks alot and God Bless you all and have a great Thanksgiving:)

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