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localized skin problem,and acne.. by doug1986 ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   11/12/2009 7:48:09 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Hey guys,I am new here.. whats up?

I have been having skin problems and im not sure if anyone can help me though. I have Acne problems for years and I have been trying burts bees products for 3 months. No change,my best friend told me to just use the tomato soap and tomato toner,and some moisturizing lotion,and it'd fix me right up,wrong. The garden tomato soap is suppost to be good because it keeps just enough oil in the skin,without takin too much. What is mainly bothering me is my face area below my lips and chin,that whole area has been enflammed for 2 months. Cracks,redness,dry flakiness(Every day when i wake up and during day at work it gets flaky and dry even after i use moisturizer once i start moving my mouth a lot by talking and eating)...and the worst part is i am breaking out in these tiny white like bumps under the skin. It is SO annoying. It was bad today again,varies day to day..but..i dont know why these are forming or what they are from,its only been like 4 wasnt doing it back when i used different burts bees Acne wash and products. Mostly on my right side of the area lately. I dont know how to make it go away,bad enough having Acne on other parts of face,but this localized area is very annoying,the whole area also burns to,and its kinda skin color,just redness on the side that the bumps are on..

Sorry,its lengthy,just trying to be descriptive..

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