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Hey Cenny, got some good news for ya!!! by Surfer27 ..... Bowel Cleanse Support Forum

Date:   10/27/2009 10:23:32 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Hi there CennyG,
Surfer27 here. I came across something, that might be of a benefit to you!! As I was looking on the Internet, for treatments for fecal Body Odor malodors, I came across this website, for this product called: Pure Ayre Odor Eliminator. Apparently, this is suppose to kill all odors, even TMAU at the source of the problem and it's suppose to do it, right away. The only thing you may have to do, is rub it in, after you spray that area if possible, otherwise just let the spray set in that area, for a couple of minutes, like 5 min approx. They also have a page, devoted to people who, believe they may have tmau. Here's the website for it:
You can buy either the pet, baby or marine odor eliminators, but apparently, as I've talked to a president of this product, he mentioned to me that, all of these products have the same strength and what's cooler, is that it is an all natural product and can be used to freshen your breath, be used on the skin, or whereever the malodor problem is. From what I've read from the website, it can get rid of baby diaper trashcan odors, wastewater odors, holding tank odors, to litter odors, to nursery odors and even used in places, like: elderly homes, bathrooms, hospitals, jails and the like. This seems, like some pretty cool information and I just wanted to pass this onto you, as like you, I've dealt with these problems for quite some time now, well for 3yrs now!! I have tried alot of products and so far, nothing's worked!! So, this is why I am looking into trying this as a last resort. I hope that this works, as I'm ordering some of this product, from a distributor a couple of hours away from me this Friday, so I'll let you know, how it goes for me. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!! If you want to text me, feel free to do so, at my username Surfer27, or if you're more comfortable, feel free to email me, at: Take care. Talk to you later.


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