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Re: Dermatologist appt. & patch test results by mackenzie1 ..... Eczema Forum

Date:   10/13/2009 6:42:03 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Lakemama said to hang in there with the ACV drink, that it took about three weeks for it to work for her. So, I wouldn't give up on it too soon. Has the allergist not agreed to give you allergy shots for your dust mite allergies? I take allergy shots for dust mite allergies, and they work quite well. I do question whether dust mites are causing the eczema, though, because I had dust mite allergies long before I ever had a problem with eczema. One would think that if dust mites were the cause, the eczema would have developed much earlier.

I think you're onto something that your doctor may not be that experienced. I know the concern when they pull out that big book to think about what to do. I always wish the doctors would go to some room where they can look at the book by themselves because it doesn't instill confidence!

I used to use humidifiers, but gave up on them. The cool mist humidifiers form mold in the filter, which causes more problems than I have without using them. The warm mist humidifiers work the best because they don't have the mold problem, but they require a weekly cleaning of the heating element because of the build up of residue on the heating coils from the water. The cleaning is done with white vinegar. Humidifiers really do make the air more comfortable, though, and they help to eliminate the static electricity that occurs in winter.

I've also used dehumidifiers, but they get mold in them, too. Even though they took water out of the air (buckets-full, in fact), they didn't lower the humidity that much (only about 5 percent.) There's a lot more water in the air than we realize. I gave up on dehumidifiers, too, because emptying the bucket two times a day did not seem worth lowering the humidity by only 5 percent.

Doctors Defense has Chinese herbs in it. It works wonders to calm my skin and heal the eczema. It is expensive, though--it costs $36, including shipping and handling, for a small jar, but the jar goes a long way. A jar lasts me about two to three months. It's definately my "go to" remedy now when my skin starts feeling sensitive. If I still had eczema, I would also try the Blue Poppy eczema product another poster recommended, particularly since that poster said it helps greatly with the itching. Blue also means antioxidents (e.g. blueberries.)

I would keep trying the ACV on your hands, too. Here's another post where it worked for another poster here:


The post also has some interesting thoughts on how to deal with sensitivities to skin and hair cleansing products. Since you're looking for what you are touching that may be causing your eczema, I thought you'd find it interesting.

I find it very helpful to read as many posts on Curezone as possible when dealing with any issue. The archives (the numbers at the bottom of the page) are a wonderful resource to read past Curezone posts.

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