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Re: further shelton on breaking the fast by chrisb1 ..... Fasting: Water Only

Date:   10/12/2009 4:22:34 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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A diet of fruits and vegetables, eaten exclusively for 7 months prior to your fast, will not necessarily rid the body of former toxins stored within fat and other cells of your body: your former diet will also play its part as well in the experience of perceived "hunger" or an irritation of the abdominal area whilst fasting.

I would bear in mind that the body is always striving to rid itself of any stored toxins in the process of nutrition, which basically means the "elimination cycle" of extracting the goodness from foodstuffs in the digestive process and expelling the remainder.
The problem can be that elimination cannot keep pace with the ingestion of food and the nutritional process caused (so Hygienists believe) by enervation (lowered nerve energy) and improper food combining. This is my own personal experience of my own body and so self-verified.

These spices/condiments/tea/coffee/alcohol/ and other non-nutritive foodless foods will most certainly exacerbate and even create the feelings of toxic hunger whilst fasting.
My own experience has demonstrated this to be true, because if I fast now, or have ever fasted within the last 15 to 20 years or so, I do not feel hungry at all after the third day or so into the fast, with no headaches or disturbances of my digestive system whatsoever.
Fasting is a very pleasant and enjoyable experience for me, and I believe that is how it should be for someone such as myself who is largely free of toxemia and with vibrant energy levels.
To put this another way, I have met some people in the past who do not know me, and where they have cast aspersions that I am "on something" and "can I have some" please because of my high energy levels. The explanation WHY usually falls on deaf ears, or that I am a health-nut or something of a similar nature!!!! comments as to "agree/disagree" on the last sentence.



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