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New - long history of panic attacks/IBS by Blackberry ..... Bowel Cleanse Support Forum

Date:   2/6/2003 12:13:09 AM ( 18 years ago ago)
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I am new to this board and am just thrilled I came across it. What I have learned has been unreal.

I have have had irritable bowel and panic attacks since I was sixteen. (I am now 31). I am on medication for all this time but want to start healing naturally! Before I found this forum, I had no idea you could cure irritable bowel! ( I will not vent my frustration at the medical profession at this moment!)

I started my first cleanse in December. I bought the “Yeast Busters” kit since it had the B & P and caproil. The directions were to take one tablespoon liquid bentonite, one teaspoon psyllium and one teaspoon caproil. They also supply the probiotics to take once a day. I took the B & P drink once a day. I did have increased bowel movement, but that is about it.

I started taking the B & P again two weeks ago. This time I am taking the drink twice a day. The good news is the clay seems to help my often crampy stomach (I have very sudden, violent attacks or irritable bowel and am often stuck in the bathroom for an hour).

So far I have only passed “seasame” type seeds (which I understand might be eggs!) but I am only having one bowel movement a day, though it is larger than usual.

My question: Should I increase the B & P shakes to three times a day? Should I BE seeing more at this point? I am going to increase my water intake, as I am drinking only about 5 glasses a day.I have yet to do an enema yet, as I’m not sure which kind would be okay for my sensitive bowel.

Any suggestions or feedback would be truly appreciated.

PS: Sorry this is so LONG, but it just flowed as I typed.


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