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Has my adrenal fatigue turned into hypothyroidism as well? by powertool4 ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   10/10/2009 4:35:25 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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I have "adrenal fatigue". I know it. I'm a 22 years old male and i was physically and mentally able to do everything. i was somehwat of a dare devil and rode a motorcycle, practiced martial arts, bodybuild-ed, pushed all nighters in college no problem and now... i cry at any stress and cannot drive because the stress makes my anxiety go insane. Something is not right. It's not psychological, its a hormonal thing. Something in my endocrine system is messed up and all signs point to adrenals.

However recently i ended up in the ER for stronger heart arrthymias and palpitations and new symptoms arose so I got a blood test. My TSH at the ER was a 2.9 I have heard that nowadays, anything near 3 is considered hypothyroidism, not the range of 5.5 And the 2.9 wouldn't bother me, but ive had a blood test every month for the past 4 months and the first 2 showed TSH at 1.0 and when I went to the ER for the NEW symptoms (cold hands and feet, yellowing of skin, heart palpitations, anxiety attacks, etc) is when the TSH has risen to 2.9

Could I be considered hypothyroid right now? And how would I test for that other than going to get my TSH checked again? Doctors seem to not believe until my blood test shows 6.0 TSH and THEN they start giving you medication. I am curious if I am going through something else or if my adrenal fatigue has started to show secondary symptoms of hypothyroidism. My newer symptoms are.. i have really cold hands and feet. Like ice cold. And I am starting to become hypoglycemic. My body wakes up at 3am and 5am every night with a low pulse rapid heart beat, cold extremities and body temperature and impaired vision, which I manage by going to the kitchen and eating something. I am extremely sensitive to cold (and actually have been for the past couple years. just not this bad), have tremors, have anxiety and panic attacks which lead to heart palpitations and arrthymias. And the worst of all, none of the anxiety and heart issues would arise if my body could handle stress. It cannot handle the tiniest stress. I cant drive because there are too many stressors. I have minor tiffs with my girlfriend and once a strong man both physically and mentally, i know get extreme heart rate increase, anxiety and a feeling of being overwhelmed and like im going to collapse and die at any stressful situation. My body just seems to not be able to take it.

Would you say my adrenals have affected my thyroid now?

very frustrating, i want to be better. And because i cant deal with stress its a perpetual cycle. Its messing up my relationship which is very important to me, and that's causing me stress.. which i cannot handle, which makes me handle my relationship issues worse, and it continues in a big circle. :(

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