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Re: Schools by MH by buttcrack ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   10/10/2009 3:50:15 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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The school systems were created to create stupidity to begin with. In reality they are doing just fine and sticking to their agendas. Schools are designed to socially engineer children into good little slaves. We go to school, we get indoctrinated with crap and walk around the rest of our lives as big piles of mindless crap. Schools create people that lack the ability to think and use their brain. Its a lower level masonic system were you go through different degrees. And each degree you receive you get to sport a square cap which represents the mind being squared, being turned to mush like clay/mortar. And on top of the cap there is a flaccid dangling penis. The higher up the education latter one goes (Jacobs latter) the more indoctrination the person has and the less ability they have of their mind as the social engineering gets stronger and more intense. Its why you can get the cream of the crop monkey graduates to work for think tanks/technical facilities and what not to design technology,laws e.t.c. that are completely against humanity without question. Universities create exactly what their name implies. Uni (one) Verse (voice.)

School is not a serious learning environment.
Researching the history of were our school systems originate from reveals this. In america its based off a hindu caste system. i think it was a british merchant who observed how docile and well controlled that government had their people. Then he brought this system to america and passed it on. So essentially being that we are indoctrinated with this same castes/religious systems it does loosely makes us Hindu.

I would suggest reading anything by John Taylor Gatto as he has done extensive research on this subject. You can read one his books for free on his website:

charlotte thomson iserbyt is another person who has done her homework on the subject. Here's a interview with her:


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