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Re: Dental health by unyquity ..... Natural Healing & Herbal Solutions w/Unyquity

Date:   9/23/2009 1:56:40 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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What are the best things to do for your teeth and gums? See below :)  I have some gum erosion (they say from brushing too hard - "they" lied...circulation throughout the gums is integral to gum health & healing), and I sometimes suffer from gum inflammation.  There's lots of reasons for inflammation...the Tooth & Gum liquid formula is very good at healing.  Also, look into oil pulling.  I've never done it myself, but I definitely understand it's benefits.  I've cleaned up my diet incredibly in the last two months (that means all kinds of different things to different people...but good for you, whatever strides you've made)., but I'm wondering if I couldn't be doing more so that I can keep my teeth for the rest of my life yes there is. Is there any way to remineralize them? YES! there is :)

You'll find the information below explained more fully in this post/thread:


--STOP brushing your teeth with ANY preparation that contains GLYCERINE (that's ALL toothpastes, organic or not).  Glycerine coats the teeth 'thickly' and totally prevents any type of remineralization from the minerals in our saliva.

--Brush at least 3x weekly with Dr. Christopher's Tooth powder (do not be too aggressive, as the horsetail grass can be abrasive)

--Use Dr. Schulzes Tooth & Gum Formula for daily brushing.  Be sure to brush teeth & gums aggressively with this to ensure good circulation throughout the gums & gumline.

--For receeding gums, pack the gum line with powdered White Oak bark powder

--Take Dr. Christopher's Herbal Calcium formula (tincture) daily (you can also mix it with the White Oak bark powder for direct application.  For remineralization, you want to remineralize from within & without.

--BF&C tincture or tea is very beneficial for a vast array of minerals and 'tissue regrowth.  Most people find the tea to be unpalatable; it's much easier to take/use the tincture.

--Eliminate pasteurized dairy completely (organic or otherwise).  The process of creating the enzyme that is killed by pasteurization (needed for digestion of the dead milk/dairy) actually USES calcium from your body.  Ingesting pasteurized dairy is "anti calcium" :(

--Be sure to obtain adequate minerals daily...via fresh juicing and 2-4 Tablespoons daily of Superfood.  Do NOT use any supplements containing isolated minerals (or other substances).

(you won't likely believe how cost-efficient this actually is.  The Tooth Powder lasts forever; - a 2 oz bottle of Tooth & Gum liquid wil last approximately 250 days (used 5 drops at a time, brushing 2x daily)...sometimes I use a little more).  White Oak bark powder (Mountain Rose Herbs - $9 a pound - which will also last 'forever'). 

I have a tooth I'm working on now (chipped at the gumline), and I mix the Herbal Calcium Tincture with the White Oak Powder and 'pack it into' the chip/whole.  My sister saved her youngest (diagnosed with advanced juvenile periodontal disease at 3, and told she'd have to have half of her teeth surgically removed...but has only had to have ONE pulled)...and she sometimes mixes the Tooth Powder with a few drops of the Tooth/Gum liquid and packs that into cavities or anywhere there's pain/swelling.

If you're interested, we have everything (except the White Oak Bark) in our Herbal Apothecary (link at top of page) - to find things, it's easiest to use the search box (the Storefront is still a bit disorganized).

Also, please read this quick interview with Dr. Schulze (important stuff about using herbs to heal) - herbs are the "roof on the house"...and whenever we want the roof to work? the foundantion MUST be solid!

Also (again) if you're taking Vitamin C, you can have all kinds of gum issues :(

Unknown Dangers of Vitamin C

You can expect to see vast improvements in "gum issues" almost immediately with the Tooth & Gum liquid...remineralization will start becoming apparent in a few weeks (it will happen faster/slower depending upon the amount of Herbal Calcium you take).


Healthiest of blessings -





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